Creating a website for business

Your identity card gives you your local identify of you. A website is an international identity card of you. We are living in an era where we have opportunities and competitions from global markets. Creating a website for your business is important as it allows to put a face to yourself and your business to the global audiences. The falling price prices of owning a website means, more people are creating a website for their business and I am sure you do not want to be left behind. In today’s topic of “Creating a website for business”, we will discuss 5 important points that will help you with Creating a website for your business in no time.

creating a website for your business

Website For Business: What is Domain Name

Domain names are the name that you usually type into your web browser. For example, and are domain names that help international audience identify these businesses on the internet.
There are few types of domain names. Some end up as .com , .net , .insure and many others. For example, company A could have a domain name called and company B could have a domain name called . Just because they start with TeaCup, it does not mean they are related and in some rare occasions, they could be competing businesses with each other.

Website For Business: Which domain extension .com , .net , .insure ?

If I just type TeaCup (without the .com or .net) on my browser, did you realize it resolves to instead of This is because, your browser tends to be friendlier with domain names ending with .com. As such, we encourage you to consider .com domain addresses.

Website For Business: Make your domain name simple

Domain name should be simple and straight forward. Preferably, it should be a word that can be easily memorized or written now. Do not use technical jargons or abbreviations for your domain name as it may not make sense to majority of the audience. For example, is a great domain name as not only it represents the company’s name, it is equally simple and easy to remember. Image the domain name , obviously this is much harder name to remember and chances are, your customers will even mistype your name on the browser. So keep the name short, simple and something that resonates with your business identity. Now go ahead and write down 5 domain names in a piece of paper. This is the first step you need to do in creating a website for your business.

creating a website for your business

Creating a website for business – web hosting

Now you will need to find a web hosting service provider. What is web hosting and what does it do? Image there are three different laptops in a room (all of these laptops are of same color, size and look), Dell, IBM and Toshiba. Also imagine you own the Toshiba laptop and you have saved a photo of your dog in it .
When you walk into the room, how will you know which is your laptop since they are all the same color, size, shape and design? Since they differ by brand name, you know yours is the Toshiba laptop. Right? Now you will be able to login to your laptop and retrieve the photo of your dog.
In the internet world, your laptop brand is the your domain name that you thought of earlier and hosting is the hard disk where your store your webpages, images, photos or any other documents that you and your customers will want to retrieve or view using web browser from any part of the world.

Website For Business: Hosting space

So we know, hosting space is actually a hard disk memory space. The hosting service providers have powerful computers with huge hard disk capacity. These computers are called server, are connected to the internet. What we need is some hard disk space from these computers to that we can place our files. For that “rental”, we will pay a monthly or yearly subscription fees. This is the basic of web hosting.

Website For Business: Web hosting Providers

The company that provides web hosting services are known as web hosting providers. They are some major players in the world, Bluehost and Godaddy. The basic plan can start with just few dollars a month. Visit their website to take a look at their plans. Since we are going to run a simple HTML website or full fledge WordPress business site, considering Linux based hosting plans will be the right move.

Website For Business: Domain Name plus hosting

Once you have selected a hosting plan, the hosting company will ask you for your preferred domain name. If you recall, we wrote down 5 domain names earlier? Try to register with one of the domain names you prefer.
If you have successfully completed this stage, you have completed step 2 in your pursuit of creating a website for your business.

creating a website for your business

Creating a Website For Your Business 2

Creating a website your business – The Core

Now that we have sorted domain name and hosting, it is about time we consider the look and feel of your website… we also need to consider the contents and messages found in your future business website.

Website For Business: Your PageContents

How will you create these contents? Not to worry, I will answer this question later, but for now, pay more attention to the contents that you want to display on the website. Spend good time writing out the contents. Brain storm. Ask yourself if the contents resonate with your company’s aspirations. Does the content explain and clarifies your company’s products and services? Are the contents clear, crisp and attractive? Most importantly, will your customer enjoy reading what you wrote?
P.S : there is a certain ways or syntax you need to follow when you write your contents. SEO or search engine friendly contents will help google find your website and serve to your clients on its search results. We will not discuss on how to write SEO friendly articles for now, we will keep that for another day.

Website For Business: The Content layout

Business websites work best when they’re simple, featuring minimal but powerful and yet catchy texts. You will not need to write 30 or 40 pages of contents. Instead you can follow a standard format for now and write your contents for 4 essential pages. What are the four pages?

  1. Homepage: This is the very first page your customer sees when he visits your website. On the homepage, include a simplified pitch – in less than 20 seconds, your readers should know who you are and what you do or any other marketing message that you want to convey.
  2. Products and Services: This is the page where you can discuss of the various types of products and services you carry, the features, the cost and any other information that will help your clients’ buying decision making process easier.
  3. About Us: Now, tell in more detail about your company, its vision and mission, its history and value propositions. This is also a place to add client testimonials which helps make your company seem more trustworthy and credible.
  4. Contact Us: This page is to help your customers find you in real world. Provide your business address, email, phone number, the operating hours and any other information deemed fit.

If you have covered these minimal 4 pages, you are ready to proceed on…

Website For Business: Your Business logo

I can guess by now you could have already own a business logo. If not, get it done. As you know, digital artwork can cost you some money. Either you can engage a professional company to design your logos for you or you can engage a creative individual from Fiverr to assist you with your logo designs.

If you have successfully prepared your contents and your logo, now you are one step closer to Creating a website for your business.

creating a website for your business

Creating website your business

Now that we have got the domain name, the hosting, the logo and we have typed out the content for the business website. Now it is all about creating website for your business

Website For Business: The development choices

There are few ways you can go about creating website for your business. It all depends on what you can afford, either money or time.

There are tools in the market that allows you to create professional looking website without you typing any single line of code. Generally, these sorts of websites are least complex to create and they do not have too much business requirements like selling on-line or requirements like online business proposal generations etc

The next choice you have in creating website for your business is one that needs some coding skills and creative mindset. In this approach, you need to afford spending some time learning how to use the tool. Not to worry, plenty of guide and tutorials are available on-line.

The final choice you have in creating website for your business is to engage a programmer. You can engage website developers for any sort or projects, from simple to complex websites. This involves cost and it depends on the complexity of your website requirements to the cost per hour of the website developer.

Now that you have the ideas, let’s explore each option further.

Website Development Choice 1: Weebly

Weebly is a website builder that needs no coding knowledge. As mentioned , you need not be a programmer to use this tool. It offers a drag and drop feature that allows you to design your website easily. To save you even more time, Weebly comes with some pre-made website templates that you can apply and then work onwards from it. If you have experiences using MS word, chances are you will manage will with Weebly. With Weebly you can add elements simply by dragging them into work space and you can even size it by dragging any of the four corners of the element in the workspace.

With Weebly you can even add google maps, Vimeo or YourTube video players and even add simple contact forms. All these features comes at a cost of around $12 per month and if you need a ecommerce development features, it will now cost you around $15 per month.

Website Development Choice 1: WordPress

WordPress is most widely used intermediate website builder in the world. The WordPress soft is open source licensed, which also means it is free to download and use it. This software comes with plenty of free plugins (pre-written codes that allows you to do certain functions). WordPress is the only platform that we know of which provides so much free plugins. With these plugins, you can make your website SEO friendly, speed up its performance, integrate with your social media platforms, build simple to complex contact forms and even sell physical and digital products online! WordPress comes with thousands of ready-made templates both free and commercially available professional looking templates that will cost you an average of $60

Setting up or installing WordPress can be a challenge if you are new to. The truth is, it is equally easy and straight forward to set up if you are willing to spend some time learning how to. If that is not your cup of tea, the good news is, most hosting service providers has in build tools that will allow you install your WordPress with basic theme and plugins in under 5 minutes!

You can also consider our article found here that can give you some basic understanding of using WordPress as a website development platform.

Website Development Choice 3: Website Developer

As mentioned you can engage a website developer who can help you develop your business sites. This approach is more costlier than the other two choices mentioned earlier. We do not have any recommended website developers for you, but if you are in real need of one, drop us a mail and we will get back to you with our low-cost, high quality recommended developers.

Now that we have cleared your concerns about site development, lets move to the next and final stage that will be complete your journey in Creating a website for your business.

creating a website for your business

Some website design wisdom

Which ever approach you have decided in creating a website for your business, there are few fundamental expectations of any website. Since website is the face of your business in the virtual world, your website should be ready to sell your business to the target audience. Remember, website surfers are always in a hurry, they do not have much time for you unless you can captivate their attention in first 20 seconds. What can you do?

Clear Navigation

Make sure your home page is not cluttered with tons of images and phrases. Ensure your marketing messages are spoken swiftly (the right message) and boldly (the right fonts). If you have captivated your audience, they will like to know you further. Obviously, they love to navigate your pages. Ensure you have a clear navigation in your business site. Your website viewers should not be lost in your website jungle, instead move around freely and easily in your site. If your website navigation is not clear, be ready to frustrate your customer and they will leave your page in the next few seconds.

Call to action buttons

Use some call to action button which is also called as CTAs. CTA are some important phrases or images that will captivate and induce your potentials to take a buying decision. Let me give you an example, as you walk into a shopping center, you can come across a huge banner with captivating image and striking words “SALE! 20% OFFER! GRAB THEM BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!”…. well the same sort of message and approach when implemented in your website, we call them CTAs. Take not, you can use both image, text and image with texts to make your CTAs

Speed means alot in the virtual world

As mentioned, you only have few seconds to captive your potential buyers. Speed is everything now. Ensure you have selected the right hosting companies who can deliver your high uptime and speedy page loading performance. You can also consider deploying Cache or Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to help speed up loading of your web pages. Make sure your webpage loads and performs well in most mobile devices. Finally, ensure you remove any bugs in the code. This will enhance your overall site security, provide better performance and gives better user experience.

K.I.S.S – Keep it simple stupid

The final wisdom is to keep the website creative and simple. Do not over complex your site navigation, the jargons and not too much images please. Use the right amount at the right time and at the right place. By keeping it simple, your CTAs will get all their desired attention of your potential customers.

creating a website for your business


Now that we have run through with you the steps that you need to know in creating a website for business, we believe you have a better overall picture of what you need to do and achieve. If you need further advices, leave your questions below and together with our website audience, we will answer your questions. Please also share with us, what was your hosting and website design choice and why? As much we share what we know, we are eager to learn from you too.
Wishing you every success in creating a website for your business!

creating a website for your business