Digital Marketing Agency In 2019 – The Best Is…

This is second and final part of the article in our search for The Best Digital Marketing SEO Agency In 2019. If you have missed the first part of the article, you can click here to read it. Otherwise, we can continue with our search for ” Digital Marketing Agency In 2019 – The Best”.

Best Digital Marketing Agency In 2019 By Page Rank

As we mentioned, these Digital Marketing SEO Agency whom we are seeking to engage should appear in the first page of the search results. So let’s begin our search.

If I am searching for the best Digital Marketing SEO Agency In 2019 and in the world, I will use to search it. If you are looking for Best Digital Marketing SEO Agency In your country, you should use your local google search. For example, if you are from Malaysia and you want the Best Digital Marketing SEO Agency In Malaysia, then use and if you are from Singapore, you should use

Now searching on , I simply searched for “Digital Marketing SEO Agency” and let’s see what the results are….

The top three (potential) winners for the best digital marketing agency in 2019 are:


There are few other companies Digital Marketing SEO Agencies in the search result, but we shall pick the top three who managed to come up in the first page of search results.

Best Digital Marketing Agency In 2019 By Cost

In my search for Best Digital marketing agency, i was looking for an SEO agency that is affordable in my pocket. As much i appreciate price transparency where the prices are shown in their website, I found none.

We can assume, due to nature of competition in the market, these company may not feel comfortable revealing their price on the web. The nature of the project and the project term also influence the pricing,so it is understandable why these prices are not shown on the internet by these Digital SEO agencies.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency In 2019

Portfolio of these Digital Marketing Agency

For some reason, has removed their portfolio / clients section. We are left with no option but to our imaginations.

On the other hand, , i did not see a portfolio / clients section at all or was it hidden somewhere?

Finally, , they seems to have worked with many reputable companies and this is transparent by visiting their client section in the page.

At this juncture, in my search for the for the best digital marketing agency in 2019, I may be more comfortable with

Customer Support Experience Of These Digital Marketing Agency

Personally, i have not done any business with the above mentioned companies. So, I headed to their contact us section. I will like to read, what kind of support do they provide. Only via email, via phone, via online chat , office hours support and is there a contact for after office hours support?

All three companies provided basic support information, a contact form and phone number to call. provided online support chat, which is a welcome move.

On the other hand, provided online WhatsApp web support chat. I think this is a brilliant move since i am not restricted to their website as i can chat on the move via WhatApp. Also in this page, they showcased their regional office addresses. Now, this company seems bigger in size as compared to the others.

At this juncture, is winning my heart and a strong contender for our search for the best digital marketing agency in 2019.

Social Media Of These Digital Marketing SEO Agencies

Next, I will like to find out what are the social media channels of these agencies, what the communications in it and what kind of remarks are we getting from their followers in the social media.

This is important for social media can reveal plenty about a company. Happy or unhappy clients of the company will not hesitate to voice out in these social medial channels, so this is a good place to understand the company better. has more than 10 social medial or online channels that we can connect with. To my surprise, Facebook and twitter, the most widely used channel is not there! Phew! , no social medial channel information was found on their web , even though they could have done better, I see no Facebook channel information but only some live tweets from twitter. Hey at least they are more livelier!

Again at this juncture, is winning me over. Closer to our best digital marketing agency in 2019?

Which Digital Marketing Agency Is The Best?

Even though took the first rank in search result, which came in second captures my attention. iclickmedia seems to have more transparency and information available on their website.

So who will I consider to get a quote from? Who is my best digital marketing agency in 2019? For now it is iclickmedia.

But wait? do we have another choice? Yes we do!

Freelance Digital Marketing SEO Professionals In Singapore

If you are a new start up company or tight in budget, you can engage freelance seo experts to help you. You can find tons of freelance experts from around the world, but i prefer someone from the local environment who I can meet and chat if necessary rather than just to rely on the email for communication.

Generally, freelance professionals are deemed as unprofessional and may will advice you to keep away. I differ here. I knew of few free-lance SEO professionals who were laid off due to economic crisis and company closures. They have the knowledge and the experience and they seek the opportunity and the platform to deliver.

I also met another gentlemen, who had 15 years of digital marketing experience who met with accident. He decided to work from home rendering his service. Surely , i have yet to find another SEO professional who is as talented and professional as him!

Which Freelance Digital Marketing And SEO professional?

Most freelance digital marketing and SEO professionals do not carry their client portfolio or their client information in their website. This is because, their clients do not feel comfortable revealing that they engaged a freelance personals.Obviously, some exception happens…

So when we look for a freelance digital marketing or SEO professional, their very own website is the resume of these individuals. How have they designed their website, fast and catchy? Do they have social media followers and what do they say?

When it search for a freelance Digital marketing and SEO professionals, i came across the following sites


Among the three, squidwan and Fibigroup stand up. Squidwan seems like a very cozy professional. On the other hand, seems more professional which their website design, language used and the topics they have covered. So who is my preferred freelance digital marketing or SEO professional in Singapore? my vote goes to for now.

Conclusion : The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore ?

As mentioned earlier, decide… do you want to engage a professional agency or freelance professional for your work based on your comfort level and budget.

Read through their website. How is their design, who are their clients? how fast is their website? what are their support like? Pick at least three of the best you have come across. Request for a meeting, only then you will find out how comfortable you are with the person in charge. Finally, request for a quote. Does it fall within your budget?

So what is your take on your best digital marketing agency? Care to share your experiences with us?