Digital Marketing Definitions & FAQs – Bite Size

Digital marketing can be exciting to many and confusing to even more of us. In order to assist you, today, we have come up with Digital Marketing Definitions or rather digital marketing FAQs. Written in simplified and bite size manger, we believe today’s article of “Digital Marketing Definition & FAQs – Bite Size” will enlighten your, make you wiser in the world of Digital Marketing. So, let’s begin..

FAQ: What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Digital marketing is the marketing approaches and activities in the digital world. In conventional marketing price, place, product and promotion influences the buying decisions. The same set do apply because we are dealing with people who use internet of digitally connected products like smart phones and tablets. Unlike conventional marketing, in digital marketing more focus in placed on delivery channels such as search engines, social media, email, websites and mobile applications that got the abilities to link the buyer to the seller.

FAQ: What does a digital marketing agency do?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: There are certain rules and criteria placed by the delivery channels in the digital world for your digital marketing to be success. These criteria do change with time and it becomes hard for an individual to keep track of these chances That is why, digital marketing agencies come into play. Digital marketing agencies are marketing companies who focus more into the digital world.  Digital marketing agencies can develop effective strategies and implement programs to enhance your brand value in the digital world. 

FAQ: Does my business need digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: It depends on what you sell and who you sell to. Imagine you are selling walking sticks to the visually impaired, chances are, they are not going to search for your product on the internet but prefer to come down to your physical store. In simple terms, if you are selling products or service to digital savy customers or if you are selling hard to get kind of products or if you seek to sell across borders, then yes, digital marketing for your business growth.

FAQ: If I do not engage a digital marketing agency?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: You can still grow your business on the internet. You need to attend few courses on digital marketing and SEO (Search engine optimizations). You can apply what you have learned into the digital world. This process can seem cheaper and more enriching, but, at the same time can be slower and time consuming. Remember, always remember to make your marketing customer-centric.

FAQ: Fresh contents for my website are important?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: In the physical world, will you buy expired bread? Buy a product that is out of trend and fashion? Probably not. You will want the latest design, latest in for and latest discounted prices. The same rules apply in the digital world. You should keep your website and the contents “fresh” with regular updates. Not only your customers like it when your website has new contents, even search engines love your site better and your search ranking can become better with regular website updates.

FAQ: Mobile phone influence in digital world

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Mobile phones are the most used technology in the world. Most of your customers and prospects are already using a smart phone. They are ready to explore more about your business and services on the go. That is why, your website needs to be mobile friendly. Mobile marketing strategy may differ slightly. This is because now, your digital marketing efforts are more focused on delivery channels like messaging, WhatsApp and mobile applications. Depending on the nature of your business and potential customers, you may or may not consider developing a mobile app for your product or service, but, if you already have a website, make sure it is mobile friendly.

FAQ: What is digital content marketing?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Content marketing is an approach where you try to generate brand awareness, new leads and sales by creating and distributing educational and relevant contents about your business and services in the digital world. Instead of deploying advertisements, through content market, you educate and stir interest in the minds of the readers for your products and services. For that, you need to learn to write great contents! When done properly, content marketing has better long term sustained returns for your dollars and money spent.

FAQ: What is digital content marketing strategy?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Digital content marketing strategy is like any other marketing strategy, but this time, we are focusing on digital contents. The primary focus is to get the attention and to build an audience followership. As part of the digital content marketing strategy, we will focus on establishing objectives of the marking, understanding and targeting based on audience personas, a value proposition, the content marketing mission, a buyer journey map which details the flow of the audience activity on your site , and plans for digital marketing or promotions and finally, to dissect and analyze how different assets performed in their functions.

FAQ: Can a blog help in digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Digital marketing is all about using different marketing mix efficiently towards the targeted goal. Even though we may use a mix of Email, social media, search and other elements, the success depends on delivering useful content. On the other hand, a blog is versatile platform where you have total control of the contents and the way it is delivered to the audience. Broadly speaking, a blog is by far the most used tactic in digital marketing.

FAQ: What type content is effective?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: There is no one answer. It depends on your business, products and services, your ambition, your audience type and their expectations. Ultimately, you should understand what your audience wants. Your contents should be able to help your audience solve a problem or a concern that they may have. When your contents is your audience focused, your buyers will find it relevant and useful. You can use a combinations of blog posts, articles, ebooks, infographics, videos, case studies, newsletters, and various forms of interactive contents to deliver your message.

FAQ: How frequently should I update with new contents?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Search engines are smart enough to index your pages within 2 weeks of publishing your contents. Having said that, you do not upload contents for the sake of it. Ensure your contents are customer focused and written towards solving a problem that they may have. It should be relevant and easy to understand. Do not use bombastic English phrases, instead, try to keep it simple and sweet. SO how frequently should you update with new contents? When you are ready, you should update your great content as frequently as possible.

FAQ: Short or long content is better?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Again, who is your reader and how much time they have in hand for your content? For example, if your content is about a product, keep it simple and in around 750 words. You will not want to frustrate your reader with few pages of contents about your product. Either they will not read it all or they will lose their interest in your product anyway.  On the other hand, if you are writing about travels, more images and small descriptive paragraphs will keep your audience engaged. Finally, if you are writing on some research or techie related contents, you can keep your length of your contents longer, as long as it is engaging and useful to the reader.

FAQ: How will I make my contents get noticed?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: When walk down the street, what kinds of advertisement attract you? Either it’s the image or the great taglines. Likewise, your digital contents should have great headlines to attract and engage your audience. Only when you have captivated their attention, your audience will read, watch or listen to your content. The goal of your content is not to get people to visit your website once; but to come back regularly for more future contents. And yes, at times you can consider advertising your contents using paid services and google advertising too.

FAQ: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process enhancing your website and its contents by the use of both onsite and offsite tactics, so that search engines love it! Activities can include enhancing page contents, titles, tags, and overall structure and they are optimized for your target keywords. This is an important task and if you do it well, you can be assured you will have more organic traffics and possibly, quality and targeted traffics to your site.

FAQ: Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: At least for 2 key reasons, SEO is important. One, it allows you to attract organic traffic. Over long run, you can save more from organic traffic as compared to paid traffic. Two, these organic traffics come to your site willingly because they like what they read in the search result. These traffics are not forcefully pushed to your site. Since they are organic, you have higher chance of engaging them and converting into a customer.

FAQ: What is local SEO?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: The activities of local SEO are just like any other SEO activity. Just that, this time we are more specific on where our audience should come from. For example, if you are selling your products only to potential customers in your city, for example, New York, then your local SEO activities will be focused on attracting audience only from New York. It is more targeted and focused approach to getting audience from the areas you operate in.

FAQ: Is Keywords Important?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: What are the words and phrases, which your audience used in the search to find you? For example, you sell a product called “Zack Health Pills”.  You know your customers will search for “Zack Health Pills”, which the keyword. In order to attract these customers to your site, your contents, images and other aspects of your website will need to be modified to relate to wards these keywords. These keywords need to repeat X number of times based on your contents. Wait a minute! You cannot stuff your contents with just the keywords! That is an abuse and search engines will ignore your page or site altogether. So, use the right keywords and the right number of relevant times.

FAQ: Why Not In The First Page Of Search Results?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: It is a million dollars question and there is no one answer. Depending on your site set up, depending on the location, depending on the focused area, depending on the audience type, depending on the competition, depending on the site performance…. depending on plenty of factors, it can influence your search result ranking. That is why, many engage a professional SEO consultant to identify and over-come these issues so that your page can rank higher in the search results. If you a focused site on a particular keyword (for example: Pepper Bread) and your contents revolve around it, it is easier for you to climb up the search result since there is less competition for the “Pepper Bread keyword. On the other hand, if you are focused on “iPhone”, since competition is high for the keyword, attaining first page results becomes harder.

FAQ: What is PPC?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: PPC means pay-per-click. Basically, you will pay $X dollars to buy Y amount of clicks to your website. In simple term, you pay $X dollars to advertise (from Google, Facebook and others) and for that you will get a certain number of audiences into your site. models.

FAQ: What is native natural advertising?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Native advertising is a form of sleek advertising. The content that you want to advertise will usually blend or resemble with the publication’s editorial content but is paid for you. The whole purpose is to promote and advertise your produce and services at the same time, remaining native or natural to the site which the advertisement is placed on. Since these non-pop-up based advertisements looks natural, they are usually well received by the readers

FAQ: How to understand customers (buyer persona) better?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: A buyer persona is a is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and inclusive of real data about your existing customers. Basically, we are trying to “understand personally” a buyer based on his/her demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

We are trying to better understand the answer to the question of “why they bought what they bought?”

FAQ: What is inbound marketing?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: In generic marketing approach, what do we usually do? We advertise. Why do we advertise? Well, we try to tell the world about our products and services and influence them to buy. Like yourself, your competitors are eyeing the same group of potential customers. You both are now chasing the same group. This means, competition is high for the segment. Well this is outbound marketing.

On the other hand, inbound marketing is the strategy deployed to attract customers, but, this time, customers are ready to come to you willingly. In inbound marketing, we attract potential customers by providing relevant and helpful content in blogs, social medias, search engine and adding value at every stage in your customer’s buying journey. We will attempt to address the problems and needs of your customers. This is turn helps build your credibility and this will attract qualified prospects.

FAQ: What is marketing automation?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Marketing may include activities such as streamlines lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, measurement processes and more. You will need to spend countless hours and efforts to get these activities right. What if we have a software that can do all or most of these activities for us. Well, using a software program for these activities is called marketing automation. Based on customer behavior and set of rules, these marketing automation tools can generate targeted activity plans. Marketo, Eloqua,, HubSpot are some of the best marketing automation tools providers.

FAQ: Why use data-driven marketing?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: When we have enough data and stats that reflects on customers’ persona, trends and behaviors, we can then use these data for further data analysis. During this process, we attempt to answer who, what, where, when and why questions in relations to how consumers respond to your marketing efforts, your products and services. With data, many assume, a more accurate marketing strategy can be built. On the other hand, data are information of past events and based on history alone, you cannot build your future. Instead, coupled with data driven marketing, your online marketing strategy should be dynamic enough to adapt to the latest changes in the marketing environment.

FAQ: What is performance-based marketing?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: When we advertised on the newspaper, we pay the printers a premium. In turn, they will place the ad for us. How effective it is? How successful it is? The printer is not bothered for he has already got his premium. On the other hand, performance-based marketing is another online marketing approach where the medium we advertise on are paid accordingly or in proportion to the success of the advertisement reach. For example, the advertising medium earns $1 for a click, $2 for a lead generated and maybe $10 for a sales conversion. The whole idea behind online performance-based marketing is to achieve measurable conversions through the use of a tracking tool.

FAQ: What is a marketing funnel?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: A marketing funnel is a model representation of the various stages of a prospect’s journey, from first interaction with your brand to a purchase where he/she has been converted into a customer. In the funnel metaphor, it narrows as it progresses, ultimately at the sale, where it is the narrowest. In generic funnel approach, we can take this as an example: – 100 leads were generated, out of which 50% converts into prospects and from these prospects, 20% buys from you and now will be called as a customer.

FAQ: Conversion rate optimization (CRO) explained

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Conversion rate optimization (CRO), as the title implies, it is an optimization process targeted towards converting your audience. What we meant by conversion? It simply means, we want the audience from simply from being a web reader to take some action so that he becomes a lead or move further, and he buys a product from us. In this optimization process, we deploy tactics and strategies to increase the percentage of conversions from your digital property, usually a web page. CRO. As mentioned, the whole idea of CRO is to focus on moving prospects to the next stage.

FAQ: What is interactive content?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Interactive contents are very important to the success of your online marketing strategy. Instead of giving an impression to the readers that they are on a static, dead website, interactive contents engage the reader. It gives the reader the impression as if there is a someone human behind the webpage who is ready to help him. Through interactive contents, we will deliver real-time, personalize results they care about. These activities may include answering questions, guiding the user on the site, interactive FAQs and others that address their problems and challenges.

FAQ: Why is social media marketing is important?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Social media is like an uncontrolled forest fire. It is growing at alarming rate. As the use of smart phone grows monthly, so can be said of social media users. That is why, social media is seen as a gold mine for digital marketing purpose. Each of the social media users becomes your digital marketing manager as he shares your post with his fellows in the community. By using social media, the amount of exposure you can give to your website is very high. As much social media is influential and has abilities to bring you new audiences, it can also break your brand value when done wrong or when negative remarks about you or your company is spreading like wild fire. That is why, a properly managed social media marketing is important for your success.

FAQ: Preferred social media channels for digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: The most well-known social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can use one or more of these social media channels for your digital marketing purposes. Your choices of social media channels should depend on the nature of your business and also depending on where your audience spends their time on the social platform. Find out more about the demographics and behavioral patterns of your users. Then tailor the type of content that your audience will love sharing on the social platforms.

FAQ: Control my brand on social media?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: As mentioned above, social media is like a wild fire. It burns in the direction of the wind and the wind is the perception and brand value of your company. That is why, you should spend time building the right audience, delivering the right contents and most importantly, keep your social media audience happy. In the event a negative repark has been spread, you should quickly explain your point of view to clarify the misunderstandings before it tarnishes your brand.

FAQ: More about personal branding?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Personal branding is the process of building your own individual brand by using both online and offline tactics. You can build your brand offline by utilizing print media such as newspaper and magazines. Your circle of friends, society can also influence your offline brand. On the other hand, you can explore LinkedIn social media and other forums to build your online brands.

FAQ: What is a call to action (CTA)?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: A call to action or a CTA can be a banner, an image or even a captive text that influences your web audience decision to exchange email address for gift in return. CTA can also be used to influence the audience to make a purchase on your site. E.g. Click here for 20% discount and that can entice your audience to make a purchase since they are getting 20% discounts!

FAQ: Can I use email marketing?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Email is still very active and strong as ever. In fact, many accept that email is more popular and more private form of digital marketing communication tool. With mobile phone in their hand, plenty of people do check their email on the go and many times a day. As such, email can be the best form of communication, apart from direct calls to communicate directly with people.  Either by email or by phone, never spam your audience or send them unsolicited calls.

FAQ: How effective is email list?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Email list costs your money. Many of these email lists not effective. Why? Since email harvesting automated program scan the internet for email addresses. Once any emails are found, it adds to the list. It probably has been adding aged emails that are no longer in use too. It can also add emails of individuals who is not interested in your product or service. This is the list you have paid money to purchase!  Still, building your own email list organically is the best way. By using CTAs, you can build quality email lists from your website and what’s more? These are people who have shown some form of interest in your products or services.

FAQ: What do we do with leads?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Leads can have potentials to buy a product or a service from you. In order to influence them to make a purchase, you need to nurture your leads. At this stage, you will be using your email or SMS or WhatsApp to showcase your products and services. Once these leads find your information useful to them, they may take the next action. They may call or write to you for more information. Since he has some genuine interest, from a lead, he has become a potential. You continue establishing rapport and communication until you close the lead, or, make him your customer.

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FAQ: The Power Of newsletter?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: If you have an organic list of leads, it is wise to send regular updates of your products and services to your subscribers. Ensure these contents are new, crisp and worthy of a read. Keeping your leads updated with your business and latest development may influence them to make a purchase with you over a period of time. So yes, newsletter is still a good and effective digital marketing communication tool.

FAQ: The impact of videos?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Videos are still one of the most effective digital marketing communication tools. Look at YouTube, you can see thousands of new videos are added daily. There is huge demand for videos and many spend countless hours watching videos that they like. You can use YouTube to showcase your advertisement videos to the viewers, or better still, if you can create your own YouTube channel. You can use this channel to educate your audience about your products or services. If you can produce great videos, do not be surprised to see many followers to your YouTube channel and they are more than eager to share your videos with others. As much I love to encourage you to make videos, it does not come cheap. It takes plenty of time too. That is why it is important to have proper digital marketing strategy that includes YouTube.

FAQ: Is differentiation important for my brand?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Differentiation is the magic word actually for success. If you can create a different type of value to your customers as compared to your competition, you are in for success. How do you create the differentiation? It is a huge topic all together. I will encourage you to read “Blue Ocean Strategy” from Harvard Press. This book has been a great inspiration for many who wants to create differentiations.

FAQ: Do I Need Google Analytics?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Google Analytics is a free online tool provide by Google. This tool can be used to better understand your web visitors and overall site performance. For example, you can use this tool to better understand how your website audience found your website, where did they arrive from, what did they do when they are on your website, how long did they stay and where did they leave from? If you are in the world of digital marketing, you will not want to live without Google Analytics tool. The important metrics found in google analytics allows you to make informed decisions and better ROIs.

FAQ: What should I measure in Google Analytics?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: You should use Google analytics to measure anything that is important to you and anything that you want to know more about the audience. For a start, focus on metrics that influences the incoming traffic and bounce rate.

FAQ: Immediate results from digital marketing activities?

Digital Marketing Definitions / Answers: Paid digital marketing activities such as paid google advertisements or paid Facebook advertisements can show you some results immediately.  On the other hand, these results last as long as you have a budget for your paid advertising campaigns. Before you dry out, consider growing organically. Organic growth does not come over night. With effective use of content marketing, email list building, and search engine optimization, it can take 3 months or more to see tangible results. You need plenty of patience, discipline and persistence to grow your traffic organically.

Any More Digital Marketing Questions?

We have tried our best to consolidate the most common Digital Marketing Definitions – FAQs. Surely, we can have left out many other questions and we need your help. By leaving your comments below, do let us know your digital marketing questions that you want us to answer and we will gladly do so. In the meantime, if you feel this is a useful post, feel free to share this post with your family and friends.