dropshipping suppliers – Finding The Gem

OK I guess you are excited to explore the opportunities dropshipping business has to offer, if not you will not be here in this article right? In today’s topic of “dropshipping suppliers – Finding The Gem”, we will explore how you can find dropshipping suppliers, what tools you can use to find your preferred dropshipping suppliers and what to look out for to find the best dropshipping suppliers for your business.

Before we begin, I encourage you to read our earlier articles that can help you better understand dropshipping business as a whole and the disadvantages of dropshipping business. So, let’s kick started!


dropshipping suppliers In Trade Magazines

If you managed to get hold of some trade magazine in your neighborhood, scan through the pages. Let’s say you are coming from a nation that is aggressively focusing on export of consumer goods like China, then there is a high chance that you will find some dropshipping suppliers information in such magazines. If you managed to find any dropshipping suppliers in your area who sells the products that you are focusing on, you are lucky. See, when you have a local dropshipping suppliers, communication becomes easier, probably you can also drop by their office for a chat. Some local drop shipping suppliers do not mind giving you a tour of their office, recommend you some products, give you better discounts and they may give you some tips on dropshipping itself.

dropshipping suppliers In Internet

What if you do not find any drop shipping supplier information? Then the next best option is obviously the internet. By now you could have searched high and low for dropshipping suppliers and Mr.Google was not much of help? What happened? Where are these drop shipping suppliers hiding you may wonder.. they are not. Just that we are looking at the wrong address.

dropshipping suppliers not to be found?

If you have typed “dropshipping” into your preferred search engine and if you were expecting tons of results, you can be disappointed by now. The reason is, most dropshippers are in B2B business. Well, it means most of these dropshipping suppliers are not too keen in selling their products directly to the end customers. Instead, they are more focused on selling their products to another business entity. That is why they are very much focused in B2B (Business To Business) business model.


dropshipping suppliers – Where Are They?

B2B companies take a different approach in acquiring, converting and retaining their customers. These B2B dropshipping suppliers usually takes the form of building personal relationships and leveraging one-on-one interactions in person or over the phone. They may not find it important to be reflected on the first page of your search results. Such being their business model, they do not spend resources in optimizing their webpage search engine results to be found when you type “dropshipping” into the search box. Yes, these dropshipping suppliers are there, but you will not find them usually in the top 20 of your search results. Probably they are hidden in page 10 or below of your search results.


dropshipping suppliers Key Words

So how else can we trace them on the internet? Before that, let’s ask, what else we know about these dopshipping suppliers? Well, they are probably a distributor or a fulfillment house who undertakes wholesale business for they sell in bulk around the world, who could have factory or warehouse in China. That’s it! Read the line again! What are the important keywords words you see now? They can be “reseller”, “warehouse”, “manufacturer,” “fulfillment house”, “wholesale”, “distributor”, “bulk”, and “supplier”. Now, we can use one of these keywords or a combination of these keywords to search the net for dropshiiping supplier.  For example, in google try searching for “dropshipping + wholesale + supplier + china” … what do you get? Now you have many choices of dropshipping suppliers?

dropshipping suppliers In Blogs

The internet is a blessing. There are many blogs and aggregation sites that compile list of dropshipping suppliers information. The information is readily available for free (most of the time).  From these blogs and aggregation websites, dropshipping suppliers information are presented to you in English language (mostly). In fact, some site owners, spend time presenting these information in a near charts and tables. Instead of reading chunks of data, now you have information at your fingertips.


What’s Next If dropshipping suppliers

Have you found your dropshipping suppliers? Now, it is important that you write to them to establish a communication. You will need to clarify the mode of payments, the product shipping timeline, return policy. Do not forget the quality of product, the price and importantly, seek permission to use his images on your website for promotion or marketing purpose. Through your communication, you will understand if you are agreeable with the terms and if it is a profitable venture. You will also realize if you are comfortable dealing with this dropshipping suppliers. Look out for our next article. We will be discussing more the pointers you need to consider in choosing your next dropshipping suppliers.