Finding Drop shipping Wholesalers

Probably you have shortlisted few drop shipping wholesalers, now the question is, “who will you chose and what do you need to look out for?”. Are all these drop shipping wholesalers trustable and you can take their word for it or you need to know more. In today’s topic of “finding drop shipping wholesalers”, we will explore what you should do to identify the best possible drop shipping wholesalers for your business.

Drop shipping is designed to be a flexible business for almost everyone. From the product ranges you sell to the number of drop shipping wholesalers you will work with, it is flexible.

Probably you could be focusing to sell one single category or product or multiple. For every category, it is important that you work with few trustable drop shipping wholesalers. Based on the strength, product offerings and other factors, you should be working with at least 4 to 10 drop shipping wholesalers. Now hand on, do not dilute your time and energy away by dealing with 100s of drop shipping wholesalers. Instead, build relationship and trust with a handful of drop shipping wholesalers per category of product. That sounds easier said then done. What should you be doing and not doing during this process. Here are few steps that you can consider when you communicate with your drop shipping wholesalers for your business.

Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Selection Criteria: Point 1

Communication is important. Either via email or phone, you will need to communicate with your drop shipping wholesalers. How comfortable are you at establishing this communication with your drop shipping wholesalers? Are you able to speak to him in common language which you both are comfortable with? Or is your drop shipping wholesaler talking to you in language which you have no idea about and google translate is not going to be an ideal friend either?


Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Selection Criteria: Point 2

Drop Shipping Wholesalers are busy with their business. Probably they have businesses from across the globe. They have global customer base and you could be just one of them. This being the case, how fast does your Drop Shipping Wholesalers responds to your business queries via email or telephone. Does he find your business important to him or is he taking ages to reply to your business enquiry. The point is, you should pick a Drop Shipping Wholesalers who responds fast to your business questions. There could be time, you are asking your Drop Shipping Wholesalers a question that was asked by your customer. When your Drop Shipping Wholesalers takes ages, you are going to keep your customer waiting for a reply and that does not give a good experience shopping at your site.

Selecting Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Point 3

The goods provided by your drop shipping wholesalers, is it unique or a common product. If it is a common product, are they providing you at the best cost? How are their payment options like and are there any other fees involved? Crunch the numbers, is this the best deal you have in hand?


Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Selection Criteria: Point 4

Pick and choose a drop shipping wholesaler who has been long in the market. These experienced drop shippers will be able to offer you better cost and shipping rates since they could have tweaked their business with experience to cut down on unwanted costs.  Identify the drop shippers with a record of trustworthy and safe shipments. Usually it is wise if your drop shipping wholesalers has more than 10 years of experiences.


Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Selection Criteria: Point 5

In drop shipping, usually the shipping process takes the longest time to complete. It will be good for your customers, if your drop shipping wholesalers work with shipment companies who are safe and fast. Find out who do they ship with and if they allow your products to be shipped globally or is there a restriction on the countries they can ship. What are their shipping rates like? Do they limit on the types of products that they can ship?


Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Selection Criteria: Point 6

What do you know about your drop shipping wholesalers’ current clients? Are they big players in the market? How do you compare your business and the potential quantity to order as compared to their average clients? Preferably, if you are the biggest client of the drop shipping wholesaler, you will be treated with important. What if you are one of the tiny drops in the ocean? Are your wholesalers stretching out of their comfort zone to meet your needs?

Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Selection Criteria: Point 7

Differentiation is business is important. That little difference you make can go out a long way in enhancing your brand and business image. That brings us to the next question, what sorts of customization does your drop shipping wholesalers are willing to cater for? For example, can you have a different colored wrapper? Can you add some thank you note in the package that is being sent to your clients? What other ways are your drop shipping wholesalers are willing to help you create that little difference?


Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Selection Criteria: Point 8

What is their shipping policy like? Do they refund fully or partially if the shipment did not receive your customer on time? Do they allow your customers to track the shipments? Or do they send notification emails to you about the shipment progress? In the event the contents in the package was damaged or wrong item was shipped, what is their return policy like? These are some important questions that you need to ask about your drop shipping wholesalers.


Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Selection Criteria: Point 9

One of the best places to get more honest feedback about your drop shipping supplier is from their own customers. Find out from their customers (usually from forums) about their experience in dealing with this drop shipping suppliers. More feed back means more user experience.


Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Selection Criteria: Point 10

Finally, be a mystery shopper. Place an order with your targeted drop shipping wholesalers. During the process, ask all the questions you want to be answered. Observe how they handle their (your) customers. Do they deliver on time, well packed, good quality? What is your busying experience? Will you buy from him/her again?


Finding Drop Shipping Wholesalers: Summary

Above are some major points that we felt was important in your search finding drop shipping wholesalers. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to ask more questions. Never the less, these questions will set you on the right track to think and evaluate your Drop Shipping Wholesalers selection process. Feel free to write to us should you need more help or feel free to drop us a comment how this article has help you. Happy hunting for your best drop shipping wholesalers!

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