Free Blogging sites

So you are looking for the best free blogging sites to start your blog? You are in the right place!. Blogging is an important approach nowadays to express yourself. Whether you are planning to express yourself, your hobby or express your business and its products, blogging is for you. Now that makes it ever more important that you start blogging from the best blogging platform that perfectly suits your needs.

The Best Blogger Sites List

Plenty of blogger sites came and gone. You can expect many more to rise up in the future. But only few blogger sites platform has stood the test of time. As each of these sites have unique features and characters, not every one of them have the necessary features and tools to help you effectively grow your blog. Even some provide you the tool and features, they are poorly designed, thus taking away heavy resources or they are simply not search engine friendly. This also means they are not ready to allow you to drive traffic to your blog and generate the success you desired.

Let’s Choose your Blogging Platform

We have included a summary comparison tables for you. We are comparing the major blogger sites included  WordPress, Weebly, Wix, squarespace, tumblr and Blogger. Explore the pros and cons of each platform to understand why they are regarded as the best free blog sites trusted by entrepreneurs and business owners.

Free blogging Sites

Free blogging Sites :

WordPress is most widely used blogging platform by both novice and professionals but what makes it so great?

WordPress is opensource and is fully customizable. Depending on your skill sets, you can modify WordPress to suit any of your needs. On the other hand, off the shelve, it is equally the best platform for novice to kick-start their blogging sites.

WordPress is rapidly in constant development and upgrades. Tons of new features and security enhancements are added. It also comes with extensive range of both free and paid plugins that you can install in minutes. These plugins not only enhance the overall site features, they turn these bloggers sites into robust and SEO friendly websites.

More additional information on WordPress platform:

  • Recommended for nearly all types of websites/blogs
  • More than 15 years in constant development
  • nearly 19% of the internet uses it
  • Robust and at the same time user-friendly
  • Requires a domain name and hosting service

Free blogging Sites :

Wix is a frill free, non technical platform that allows you to build amazing, professional looking sites. Even though Wix sites are completely free, you can still choose to upgrade to a Premium Plan that gives you the options to linking to a custom domain name, removing sponsored ads with additional storage and bandwidth.

Some additional Information:

  • No frill platform
  • No technical or coding skills are required
  • Search engine friendly
  • Availability of design templates
  • Used in 190 countries

Free blogging Sites :

If you support Google, probably you will like Blogger. It is a free blog hosting website and it is owned by Google. It is still considered to be a basic platform unlike WordPress. Google essentially owns your blog!

You can set up Blogger account and run your website in less than an hour. All it takes is your Gmail account to register yourself. Though it is owned by Goolge, do not expect free SEO exposures. Like WordPress, you can use Adsense monetization option to make some money for yourself while blogging.

If you strive to personalize your website with your own domain name, be ready to throw $10 / year from your wallet. Still, I find it primitive blogging platform that has lost a big market share to the bigger boys like WordPress. If you are new to blogging, then  Blogger is an excellent way to try out your hand at blogging.

Some additional Information:

  • Recommend for beginners
  • Owned by Google in February 2003
  • Ability to run adsense

Free blogging Sites :

Tumblr is a unique blogging platform.if you hate to type long paragraphs or if you love quick snippets based blogging , then Tumblr is for you. The entire website was built on the concept of micro blogging. You can create quick short blogs with stories, videos, and photos.

I find Tumblr to be of limited use as there are no plugin compatibility and limited visual customization options. This is another of basic no frill blogging platform that allows you to get your contents up quickly. I call it the “twitter of blogging”. Ideal if you are not a techie and you need it for small snippets based blogging.

Here is some additional information :

  • Has a user base of 152 million
  • Easy to use and share other people’s work
  • Supports re-blogging
  • No customization options
  • Ideal for  art and photography
  • Simple and easy to navigate around

Other List of free Blogging Sites

Here are some other bloggers site that you may want to explore. Since they did not make into top 5 in my list, I have excluded them from our discussions. Well, you are obviously free to explore them yourselves!

  • Blog.Com
  • Blogger.Com
  • Medium.Com
  • Squarespace.Com
  • Ghost.Org
  • Penzu.Com
  • Svbtle.Com
  • Webs.Com

Which of These Best free Blogging Sites is Right for You?

The answer to this question  Technically each of these bloggers site varies in terms of their performance, functionality and capabilities. Under no illusion we will assume, the most robust site will work for you if you are not ready to harness the full capacities of such sites. End of the day, you are seeking a blogger site to express yourself through your blog. This means, the best blogger website for you is “any blogger site that you are comfortable with and it meets your needs”.

Please read these articles ff you motivated to find out how you can make money from blogging sites, blog at the comfort of your home for success.

Best free Blogging Sites – Personal Choice

I have explored various free logging sites and platforms for over 10 years. There are plenty of nice learning curves and each has its merits. In terms of functionality, expandabilty and security, I vote goes to WordPress and I don’t seem to be alone with that choice.

What is your choice? Care to share?