Leadership Training – Employee Growing Into A Leader

You could have come across tons of leadership training materials on the internet. Most of these leadership training materials focused on how to be a better leader or a manager. These leadership training materials were written for existing leaders, only to become better at that. Today’s topic of “Leadership Training – Employee Growing Into A Leader“, we are focusing more on the employee perspective. We shall discuss what are the soft skills and sly skills you need to attain the leadership position in the first place.

Leadership Training – To Become A Leader

Countless leadership training materials on the internet will sing the same tune. In order to become a leader, they will claim you will need some or all of these qualities– Sincere enthusiasm, Integrity, Great Communication,  Loyalty,  Decisiveness,  Managerial competence,  Empowerment,  Charisma and many others. Without doubt, these qualities are important but not enough. In order to grab that leadership positions, you need those sly skills and many other SLY SKILLS. For once, we will explore both these skills in our leadership training today.

Leadership Training – The Required Soft And Sly Skills

  • The greatest employee is measured by the sacrifice he makes for the common cause for the team. So, go extra mile to deliver your service.
  • Surround yourself with strong people, specially people in power. It is only through the people in power, you will get the opportunity to grow into a leader or a manager of your firm.
  • Remember, any hardship you experience as an employee only makes you stronger. This experience will stay with you till the end. It can help you grow into an empathetic leader one day. So fear no hardship.
  • As an employee, learn to deal with adversity and to over come your own mistakes. Learn from live experiences every day, do not repeat mistakes, Instead learn from mistakes to become better at what you do.
  • As an employee, remember, you can achieve anything which you are willing to pay the price for. Such competition generally thins out as you grow into leadership positions.
  • Learn to accept meaningful and inspirational critiques from your leaders or fellow employees. These sort of critiques can only help you better yourself and grow up the ladder.
  • Every decision involves some risks. So learn to take calculated risks.
  • Learn to be sly. Achieve and deliver what your manager expects of you. This is not a choice but the requirement for you to grow into a leader or manager.
  • Do not run away from adversity for it is the best teacher you have. You actually learn the most from adversities.
  • Accept challenges given to you by your manager. Once proven, it can mean you are ready to accept higher level of responsibilities.
  • Remember, without challenges, you will not realize even your own potentials. These challenges allow you to express the steel within you.
  • Always watch you back for back stabber. Like yourself, your fellow employee is eyeing for the same leadership position.
  • Keep away from unwanted conflicts and politics in the office.
  • Learn to get things done through diplomacy and not by force or threat.
  • Critical to your success is having a clear, mistake free understanding of what your manager expects of you.
  • Have a worthy goals, do not tell anyone about it, but you work towards it.
  • Not every task makes you happy as an employee, but when you take responsibility for the task, happiness silently creeps in.
  • You need not be a hero, but learn to stand apart from your fellow employees through polished communication skills, physical looks, knowledge, maturity and most importantly a strong desire for success.
  • Word hard,but do not die for your company. Your family and friends need you more. So take care of your health and well-being.
  •  Inspire performance from yourself and your fellow peers in the company.
  • Learn to grow to the front of the pack. You can never be in charge if you ride in the rear.
  • Never criticize yourself in front of others nor accept criticism from fellow employees.
  • Excessive honesty can backfire. You do not need to lie, but, at the same time, you do not need to be totally revealing either.
  • Always safeguard your image and opinion of you by others. Always, market yourself in positive manner.
  • Learn to ask the right question at the right time. Improve your interpersonal skills daily.
  • Watch out for your managers trying to alter your perceptions. They are trying to keep you in the dark. Always see reality as it in you mind’s eyes.
  • Remember, it is not about how busy you are in your work. Rather, how effective you are.
  • No body remembers your past achievements,but your current.
  • Focus in growing your salary, after all we all work for better salary. Cash is king.
  • Learn to focus on opportunities rather than the problems.
  • Ignorance and impatience equals failures. Self discipline is the first step to your success.
  • Be wary of a manager who praises you often. It means, he has exploited your soft spot and can only be making use of you.
  • Be the role model among your fellow peers, but do not try to gain too much attention away from your manager unto yourself. You can be seen an a threat, rather than an asset by your manager.
  • Wear your creative hat when you are in a team. Propose ideas and solution, gain influence and respect. Do not allowed to be pushed around.
  • Read your immediate manager’s mind. Play subtle mind games with him (obviously without he find that out!)
  • There are two skills. Teachable skills are taught to low-level employees and learnable skills are kept for and by managers. In other words, sharpen a secondary sword but do not reveal it. Strike only when you need in defense or extreme offence.
  • If your immediate manager is an ass, slowly and subtly, try to get into the good books of his boss (that is the boss of your boss).
  • Be trust worthy. Ensure others around you trust you, but you should have some element of mistrust of others, always.
  • Success is an end result when  talent, smart work, sly moves, psychology , opportunity and luck meeting together.
  • You are fully responsible for shaping your life circumstances and experiences into your success. No one can help you do this but your persistence and self-discipline.

Leadership Training – The Final Words

It is NOT about what you know but who you know. It is NOT about what you say rather how you say it. It is NOT about hard work, but smart work. It is NOT about who you like, rather who likes you. It is NOT about right or wrong, but survival

Leadership Training – Conclusion

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Yes today’s topic on leadership training may seem immoral or unethical but this is a necessary evil. We hope these pointers will help aspiring individual to grow towards their success. How about you? Do you agree or disagree with today’s topic? Share your views.