Link building services – Do It For Free In 2019

Back links are important component that can help boost your search engine (SEO) ranking. The more quality back links you have, the better search engines will like your website. In order to build your back links, what are the back link building services available to you. Yes, there are paid back link building services, but in today’s topic of “Link building services – SEO – Do It For Free In 2019“, we will explore how you can build your back links for free and boost your SEO!

Link building services – What Are Back Links?

Imagine one day, you saw a movie that captivated you. You walk out of the cinema with smile on your face knowing you have got a great movie worth every penny spent. What will you do when you get back home? Probably you will talk about the movie to your family and friends. If your family and friends has the same taste for movie as you, then you will recommend them to watch the same movie. Without realizing, you are promoting the movie because it was so good!

Likewise, if you had gone to the mall, made a purchase and if you are happy with the product, its features, its support or the experience of purchase, you will be thrilled to discuss of the purchase with your family and friends. Again, when you know your family and friends may like the product, you will recommend them to buy it. You are again promoting it!

Like wise, back links are like referrals or recommendations. In other words, these are links from another website that share the same interest as you or has complementing interest as you, to your website.  Maybe you have some great content that complements and in turn they are referring their viewers to your website by placing your URL in their post or pages.

If you are website called A, and you have a great content on hair style on a page called StlePageX…

Now Assume another style blog website, we call it site B. The admin of B likes what he reads from your website, he will place your link (Website A + StlePageX) on his post so that his readers can click to visit your site. That is back linking.So, what are the link building services or options available to you?

Link building services – Quality , Relevant and Complimentary.

The more back link you have the better. It is because, from google search bot’s point of view, you are famous and you have been recommended! So more back links can means better ranking! Ooops! Did i just say MORE? Nope.. The more QUALITY back links you have from sites that complements yours is better.

What do i mean by complimenting and quality? If the referring website has better page rank then yours, then it is better quality. So a better webpage is referring your web page to its readers, so that is a quality links. Imagine some fortune 500 companies are re ferring your website through back links, wow! that is extreme high quality links!

How how complimenting? It means, the referring website should have related articles or products as yours. For example, if you are selling children books and you are writing about them, then , a complimenting website can be a children apparel or a children toys or other children educational websites. If they referring you, since both has the common interest for “Children”, then you are complimenting each others.

On the other hand, if your website is referred by an adult pornography website, then something is seriously wrong! First, the referring website is of extreme low quality and secondly, then do not compliment what you do. Not only search bots dislike this, even your readers will be unhappy about it.

Remember, you need to build quality, relevant and complementing back links. So, how will achieve that? What are the link building services or techniques we are gonna deploy?

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Link building services – Identify Your Preferred Links

We have already mentioned we need quality, relevant and complimenting back links to enhance out SEO ranking. So, it means we need to do a little homework now. We need to identify the referring sites where we want our back links to be placed in. So what are the sites?

Link building services – Strategy 1, FREE

Go to your preferred search engine. Search for blogs (at least 100)  and forums (at least 20) for the keywords that you want your website to be known for. For example, if you want your website to be known for the keyword “Dog Food”, then do a search for “Dog food blogs” or “dog food forum” or “pet food blog”, “pet food forums”.

If it is a forum, register yourself. Update your forum profile with your website information and biodata. Go ahead and participate actively in the forum. Every time you post a reply, you are actually placing your website URL in the form thread! Go ahead, be active in the 20 forums for at least next three months. Try to reply to a thread at least once a day. That means, after 4 months, we have placed a total of 120 X 20 = 2400 back links from valid and complimenting forums to your website!

Like wise, also spend some time every day, visiting those complimenting blog pages you have selected earlier. Spend time reading to get better ideas and perspectives. Leave some positive comments on their website, complimenting the author’s works and ideas.

Instead of simply commenting as “good job!” , rephrase your comments to something like….

“Thank you for your great article! Your idea of XXX is unique and new to me. I have written a complementing article found here,  related to this subject. I believe, when we adapt your unique ideas and the complementing ideas on found on my article, we are now able to see a bigger and better picture. I believe this will be useful for all the readers of your blog. Once again, thank you for your great ideas!”

Did you realize, subtly and in non intrusive manner, i have added a link back to my website in the comments?

Go ahead, tailor your own honest replies and place your comments on at least 10 blogs per day for the next 120 days!

If you adapt this strategy, by the end of three months, you could have built nearly 3000 quality backlinks that will enhance your website SEO score!

Link building services – Strategy 2, FREE

Now I am gonna explain another quicker but also effective method to get more backlinks to your website.

First, identify three of your competitors website. These three competitors’ websites need to be far more successful in terms of traffic counts than your website (Surely you want a stronger competitor right?)

We are going to emulate the back links your competitor has got and where possible, we are going to place our links in the same forums, blogs or other internet pages where your competitor is getting his back links from!

Now visit On this page, enter the domain name of your competitor 1 and click on FIND BACKLINK BUTTON.

Linkminer will now show you all the back links for your competitors. Click on each of the referring link. You will now end up at the referring website. Probably on the comment section, you will see some links of your competitor. Now it is your turn! Go ahead and  leave your comments with your webpage link (Deploy strategy 1 when commenting). Do the same for all other back links generated by Linkminer.

Once you have completed emulating competitor 1, do the same with competitor 2 and three.

Upon successfully completing this step, we have not only build our back link similar to competitor 1, but also competitor 2 and 3 and now we have more than enough quality, relevant back links to your website.

Link building services – Conclusion

Building quality back link is important for your SEO success. Do understand this is not something you can complete in a day. It takes time. You need to be patience and consistent. Spend at least next three months building your quality back links. Guess what, you can do it for FREE!

Did you find today;s topic of ” Link Building Services” useful to you ? Or do you have other back link building strategy? Do share your views and ideas with us. We love to hear from you!