Managers Characteristics – Handling Defeats

When it comes to topics on Managers Characteristics or management, it is only natural to be flooded with success stories on the internet. After all, managers are respected and highly sought after for the success they bring to the team and the company. Does that mean, all managers succeed? Does that mean managers do not face setback or defeats? Surely they do face setback and defeats. Unlike the ordinary, in today’s topic of “Managers Characteristics – Handling Defeats” , we will be exploring some ideas and practices that you can put in place a s manager or a leader.

Managers Characteristics – We Are Humans Too ?

Managers Characteristics, they are not superficial humans. They too are like us, facing ups and downs in their lives and at work. Managers take additional responsibilities, work hard, think creatively , rejoice at success and sullen when in defeat.

As a manager or a leader of your team, many of your co-workers love to emulate what you do. You are living role model. When in defeat or setbacks, what should you do and don’t and how do you pull yourself up?

As the manager or a leader of a team, you are blessed with inner strength of dogged tenacity, creative thinking, wise, determination and extraordinary will like no other.You will have emotional strength and control of it. When facing defeats or setback, you will not be distracted from your ambitions and goals. Definitely. another day is born for you to fight again, prove once again! This is the simple basis of Managers Characteristics

How To Handle Wins And Defeats

  • No matter how successful you have been, how big you have grown, remember, you can never win every battle in life or at work.Sometimes, you are destined to lose no matter how prepared you have been.
  • When you know you are meeting a defeat, admit it. Do not deny it. Instead, take mitigation steps to minimize your loss or minimize your opponent’s gains.
  • At times, you should learn to retreat and pull back from a challenge. This will allow you to save yourself from embarrassment of failure and it will also allow you to better prepare, to come back stronger and wiser.
  • A wise leader knows the strength and weakness of his team. He will not enforce them to fight him a war even when the team is weak.
  • Always consider all the Pros and Cons of a confrontation or a challenge before your enter into it. What are the consequences of your actions or non actions?
  • Learn from every defeat. Understand why you failed. Then, sharpen your tools, your skills, your knowledge, train your team to fight it when you are stronger or when your enemy is weaker.
  • When you are victorious, you gain enemy not from outside, but also from inside. Always watch your back as you gain success.
  • When your friends and immediate peers scorn you, it means you are growing and you are seen as a threat to them.
  • Control your emotions, Do not reveal too much of your emotions after a win or a defeat. Inevitably, too much emotions from you, exposes some of your secrets and weaknesses.
  • Momentary loss of confident, self-worth and determination is possible immediately after a defeat. This is being human and it is natural.Lament if necessary, but do not dwell too much into self-pity. Remember, self-pity is the worst of all enemies.
  • Let all defeat to be your ultimate advantage. You learn from your agonies and let each defeat fuel you, reignite your determination to fight for bigger success.
  • You have another day to repair your mistakes, so hold your chin up.

Managers Characteristics – The Conclusion

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Some of the above points about Managers Characteristics may seem unethical or unconventional, yet we believe they are true and relevant. How many of the above points do you agree? Do you have some better suggestions? Please share your views with us.