The National Dog Day

Ever since August 26 since 2004, National Dog Day on Sunday has been celebrated. This special days in recognition of man’s best friend was founded by an animal advocate who wanted raise awareness of the plight of animals. Not just raise awareness but also to encourage adoptions and giving these dogs a new lease of life. This event is not meant for a specific dog species, but rather for all dogs.

National Dog Day Small

National Dog Day Clebrate

How Can You Celebrate national dog day. In fact there are many things you can do that makes your dog happy, makes you happy and make the community of dog be happy.. Let’s explore a few how you can celebrate national dog day

ONE: On National Dog Day, why not encourage a friend to adopt a dog? Bring your friend to a dog adoption center. Probably, you too can better understand the conditions these dogs are in and how much they deserve a new lease of life. These adorable friends could possibly catch the attention and soul of your friend. Credit to you when he decides to adopt and bring a dog home!

National Dog Day : Let’s Feast

Do you recall all the other dog owners who you see every morning with their dogs in the park? Have you met some and chatted with them? Why not? Invite as many dog owners in your neighborhood for a complimentary food tasting for (not you) but your dog! On National dog day, bring the best food you have been offering to your fog.Like wise, encourage other owners to bring their best dog food. Now watch your dog have a great feast and make some new friends too.

National Dog Day : Awareness

Create a social media channel and invite other dog lovers to join your channel. Share video and articles of your  best moments with your dog. Probably it will go trending and viral. On the other hand, social media can allow you to connect with other dog lovers who may be interested to participate in your National Dog Day event. Explore social media ,,,,

National Dog Day : They Deserve It

Scientifically there can be many reasons why we men are so fond of dogs. They help you de-stress, best guardian of your property and children, yes you have heard it all before…but I think we love them so much is because they are the best, honest and great companions.t they are great companions.

Celebrate National Dog Day, grab some photos of your dog on the day and share your dog’s best pictures and occurrences in social media. After all, your dog deserve this happy and special day for him.