Negotiation Skills – A Manger’s Success Guide

Negotiation Skills, like many other skills, you can learn them through out your life. Each and everyday, it gives us many opportunities to negotiate and express ourselves. As much said, there is no one proven formula in Negotiation skills. Finding the right words at the right time, no one can teach but comes with experiences. Still, there are some areas that you can learn and adapt. In today’s topic of “Negotiation Skills – A Manger’s Success Guide“, we will explore some do and dont’s that will make you a successful manager who negotiates the negotiations.

What Is Negotiation?

Negotiation is a method or an approach by which people settle differences. You try to reach a compromise or agreement while avoiding argument and dispute. Broadly speaking, there are many stages that allows you to better prepare yourself before you hit the negotiation table. It includes the following stages:Preparation, Discussion, Clarification of goals, Negotiate towards a Win-Win outcome, Agreement, Implementation of a course of action. Now matter how many stages are there, negotiation is dynamic, it needs your experiences, wisdom,art and technique to win a negotiation. Here are some experiences that can help you better negotiate.

Negotiation : The Dos and The Dont’s

  • When negotiating, always maintain your diplomatic initiatives.
  • Be on the offenses always. Never lose contact with your opponent. This will allow you to have more information and upper hand while negotiating.
  • Start your negotiation at the lowest non peril level. Resolve small things first for it sets the stage for you to understand and prepare when more important negotiation takes place.
  • Negotiation is not about luck. Negotiation skills is about knowledge, technique and wisdom. So arm yourself with information about your opponent, his strength and weakness?
  • Always negotiate in private and secrecy. You do not reveal what happened during negotiation to anyone, rather reveal the final outcomes or the policies. This is an important aspect of your Negotiation skills.
  • Never rush. Time is your ally. Use time wisely, to calm yourself, to prepare yourself and to strike when you are ready.
  • Never allow third-party as an arbitrator. This means, the power is in the hand of the third-party and not you, a sign of weakness? Part of Negotiation skill improvement, you should learn to be in control.
  • Negotiation is like mental chess? Calculate all move of yours and your opponent. Mentally prepare for all future moves of your opponent. Twist the circumstances to your favor when you see a sign of weakness in your opponent. This is an important trait you need to learn as part of your overall Negotiation skills development.
  • What is the emotion of your opponent? Confidence? fear? confusion? Use your opponent’s emotions to your benefit.
  • Never ever intimidate while negotiation. It is called bullying. It is a sign of your own weakness. Negotiation skills is all about being in control without intimidating.
  • Any commitments your made to your opponent in the negotiating table, you have to honor them.
  • Watch out, any agreement in principle does not mean it will be an agreement in practice. Always, sign off any positive agreements.
  • If you are cornered, present an appealing alternatives to your opponent to bail yourself out.

Negotiating Successfully – The Conclusion

Remember, it is not wise to win through a physical battle if you can win it over through successful negotiation. Feel free to explore other articles that can make you a better manager…

So, we have shared with you some of the principles of negotiating. Now it is your turn to negotiate with us, let us know what you agree and what you do not?