Rewarding Employees – The Manager’s Best Practices

Rewarding employees has been a normal practice in many countries. In order to motivate and also in appreciation for the countless hours of dedication from the employees, we reward them to keep them motivated. Now the question is , is rewarding employee good for the company in the long run? When,why and how you should reward your employees? In today’s topic of “Rewarding Employees – The Manager’s Best Practices“, we will explore these questions and more.

Rewarding Employees – The Cautious Wind

Everyone is motivated by money, well almost everyone. When your company reaps in handsome profits, we tend to share them with through rewarding employees and others.It is like the booty, the spoils of victory in ancient war eras. These employee rewards or booty, can be powerful for it ignites the spirits of the employees, driving them to part their excellence in what they do. Well,  If this is the approach, you may believe the employees are motivated to perform. Yes, they can be motivated to perform but they are motivated for the rewards and not with the idea of bringing success to the company’s well-being. As a manager, we need to draw a thin but delicate line. We do not want to encourage pure lust for money in the employee mindsets, instead, we want them to feel and be part of the company’s success and growth.

Rewarding employees can come in many form. As a manager, you need to deploy strategic approach to reap the best for the company and your employees. Here are the do and dont’t of rewarding employees.

Rewarding Employees - The Manager's Best Practices

Rewarding Employees – The DOs and DON’Ts

  • Never reward your employees for doing less that what is expected of him/her. By doing so, you seem suspicious in the mind of your employee.
  • Do not reward your employees for every task that has been completed. This can over motivate him to take on more future tasks beyond his capabilities that may end up with poor results.
  • Give small rewards for light task and more for duties completed that are harder, takes more hours or dangerous.
  • Instead of always rewarding employees with dollars and cents, even your praise can be seen as a reward. Do praise your performing employees for gratification tends to parallel their ambitions.
  • Do not praise with just words. Instead mingle and form a good relationship with your employee. Praise them honestly for they can feel your honest praises.
  • Show you care for them and their family well-being. After all, most of your employees work because of their family commitments.
  • Care more in rewarding your employees than yourself for you and your position do not exist without your employees.
  • Be generous. It is OK to give small tokens of appreciations to your employees.
  • Reserve rewards and promotions for employees who have far exceeded expectations.

Rewarding Employees – The Conclusions

There you have it – The DOs and DONT’s of rewarding employees. Should you need more ideas and understandings, you can always search the web for resources or read a book or two on this topic.

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Now be honest with me. Which of the above pointers do you agree or disagree. We love to hear from you. Please do leave your views and comments below.