SEO Companies : What Do They Do?

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Website Code Optimization:

With time, your websites can be filled with orphan codes, expired codes and snippets, expired metas and other unwanted lines that not only affects the loading time of your webpage, it can also affect the SEO performance of your webpage. SEO companies will look to optimise your website codes. Especially on the section of your site, they will remove unwanted rubbish. Making it lean, clean and search engine friendly is the motive. Once all these changes as been done, SEO companies will run a robot crawl test. This test will show how your webpage will react to search bots. From these results, SEO companies will fine tune your website for maximum SEO performance.

On- Page Content Optimisation

On page contents refers to “what do you do with your own page to drive more traffic towards it?” . Two of the basic rules of content optimizations are to write for the audience and not the search engine. Two, always update and keep your contents fresh. Apart from these two basic rules for off page content optimization, SEO companies will try to enhance your contents so that it is engaging and converts your reader into a follower or customer. This can be achieved by rewriting duplicate contents found on your web page, giving it a new fresh feel. Key phrases and call to action (CTA) will be placed in your web contents to “bait” your users. Key search phrases will also be added to your contents moderately. These key search phrases need to blend with overall content structure and look natural to the reader. Other SEO companies will add landing pages to attract customers towards a specific product or a service that you provide. These landing page, usually focus on one single product or a service, so as to keep distractions away from the readers. Finally, SEO companies will beautify your contents with the right image, colors, type of text and shadows. Plenty of work do go in at this stage. Once done properly, your clients will be delighted to read what they see on your page.

Off-Page Optimisation

Off page optimisation refers to the SEO related activities taken for your web site from outside of your website or webpage. Confusing? For example, your websites need to be referred by assessment websites, trade blogs, on-line directories, and others. These referring websites should also back link to your website in a positive manner.  Optimizing these external sites and resources for the benefit of your website is called Off Page Optimisation.

Other Off Page SEO Optimisation

The internet is filed with billions of webpages and millions are added everyday. In the maze, how do you keep your SERP position intact or improve on it? Apart from the standard SEO approaches, SEO Companies will explore creative SEO approaches that may include the followings:

  • Focus on local geographic location search
  • Focus on long tail keyword searches
  • Place your website links in prominent web directories
  • Guest blog on your behalf
  • Submit press releases
  • other brand management approaches

Tracking and Analysis

As mentioned earlier, SEO companies will embed tracking codes such as Google Analytics into your webpages. This tracking codes allows you to understand more about your website performance and its audience. As we know, reports are usually filled with numbers and jargon. Good SEO companies will generate these reports in human readable format. Written so that you as a customer can understand the progress, pitfall and that allows you to make informed business decisions. You can request for weekly summary and monthly comprehensive reports from your SEO company.

SEO companies

So, do i need the help of a SEO company?

Before we conclude if you need the help of a SEO company, we need to ask few questions in the first place. Do you believe your audience are in the internet? Do you believe you need more web traffic? Do you believe you can convert them into followers or potential clients so as to make profits? If you have answered Yes to the above questions, then working on your website, SEO and digital marketing is important.

You have three options to achieve that, first you can get someone in your office to  help. This will be time consuming and plenty of learning curves are involved. There will be plenty of trail and errors.

Else, you can engage a SEO company to help you achieve your goals. professionally managed, you can achieve your goals faster. Obviously, your costs can be higher.

Third, you can engage a proficient freelance professional to help you achieve your goals. You could can be much lower as compared to hiring a professional SEO company. Having said that, finding a professional Freelance SEO professional can be hard. Not to despair, there are few professional freelance seo professionals who have surpassed my expectations in the past. One of them is FiBiGroup, carrying plethora of experiences, professionalism and wisdom, they do a great job at fraction of the cost.

What to look out for in SEO company / Professional?

SEO company or freelance SEO professional, this is going to be a long-term partnership.First, ensure they are ethical. One way to find out is, if they deploy black hat strategies, run miles away from them. Look for professionals who deploy only white hat SEO strategies.

Every SEO professional promise they are better than the other. Having said that, ask these professional you engage the following questions:

  • Do you use white hat or black hat strategy
  • What is your guarantee in Doubling site visitors in 1 / 2/ 3 months?
  • What is your guarantee in increasing leads
  • What is your guarantee in climbing up SERP and how long it takes?
  • What is your guarantee in building X amount of quality, relevant  back links?
  • What is the cost per hour / per project?
  • What is the ROI?
  • How many free after sales support?
  • What is the cost of after sales support?

Remember, even if you engage a SEO company or a freelance SEO professional, you has the owner, should have rights over all your copy right materials. Do not relinquish these right and never pass these copyright rights to your SEO professionals. Read, re-read the fine prints on the contract before you sign. Do not be pressured to sign the contract, remember, you should only work with someone whom you feel comfortable and have the chemistry. It is like finding an ideal partner for yourself.

Concluding : SEO Companies : What Do They Do

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