SEO Companies : What Do They Do? We Explain

SEO Companies: What Do They Do? DO I need to apply search engine optimisation services? We shall explore these and more SEO questions in today’s topic of “SEO Companies : What Do They Do? We explain

Having monitored and studies web trends and its developments over the years, plenty has changed when it comes to SEO and the application of SEO techniques. I have noticed Google algorithms updated, client expectations of SEO changed, digital marketing approaches too has changed. But, two key questions has always remained in out mind.

“What does SEO companies do?” and “do i need to engage a search engine optimization company” for my online growth?

Let’s start with a tough question…How search engines index and ranks your system? This is a million dollar question. The answer evolves with time. Without doubt,  search engine optimisation is such a necessity for any serious digital advertising success. Having said that, before we conclude the SEO company’s importance, we shall explore the following questions:

  • What does SEO companies do?
  • SEO and SEO contracts
  • When do you really need to engage a SEO companies?
  • How do you select the best SEO companies for your project?
  • What questions you need to ask before you sign on the SEO contract?

SEO companies: What do they do?

First, let me clarify what  search engine optimisation (SEO)  is. Well, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of trying to get better search engine ranking position (SERP) for your web pages, which ultimately also increases your web page visibility to your audience. In simple term, SEO is the process of trying to get more traffics to your website.

The results from SEO activities are not immediate and it can take anywhere from two weeks to few months before you can see any improvements in your search engine ranking position. That is why, SEO companies deploy two methods to achieve results. First method, known as White Hat, takes the legit approach. No corners are cut. White hat approach requires SEO companies to apply industry best practices to achieve SERP and traffics. This method can take longer time to achieve desired results. On the other hand, Black Hat approach, SEO companies deploy non-legit methods to quickly rise in SERP. Even though, Black Hat approach allows you to climb faster, not for long. When search engine realize Black hat approaches has been applied, they can penalize your website. Either you can be pushed down the rank or not be ranked at all.


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Whats Is White Hat SEO?

There are nearly 200 different requirements from search engines. In White Hat approach, SEO companies try to meet as much as possible requirements from the 200 required. Some of the well-known white hat SEO approach may include the followings:

  • Ensuring your website is https compliant
  • Ensuring your website is mobile friendly
  • Optimal page loading speeds
  • Proper schema markups applied
  • The relevancy of your contents
  • The number of words in your page contents
  • Social media integration into your web pages
  • High quality back links
  • Optimized images
  • Proper usage of tags in contents
  • Many Others

How can we affect all these components? Simple.

What to expect from white hat SEO companies?

In order to apply white hat approaches, SEO companies need to have a structured long-term SEO strategy plans. In turn, these plans will be discussed with you, the customer. Broadly, a good SEO company will include the followings in their long-term SEO strategic plans:

  • Your business requirement analysis
  • Your target audience analysis
  • Your brand image analysis
  • Website tag structure analysis
  • Website content relevance analysis
  • Conversion rate analysis
  • Off-page analysis
  • Optimization of  website codes
  • Optimization of on site content
  • Optimization of off-page contents
  • Others

What is Website Structure Analysis?

Search engines uses bots to index your web pages into their search engines. Bots are automated programs that mines the internet for web pages that meet as much of the 200 requirements mentioned earlier. Even though, it is humans (your customers) who will read your web page and you probably love to have contents that pleases your reader, it is the bots that index your web page. As such, a certain website structure need to be applied to make your website and web pages search engine friendly. Some of the structures that influences these search engine bots includes:

  • https:// – The “s” on the http indicates SECURE. It means any communication that is happening between your website and the reader has been secured. Especially, if you are in commerce business, having a https:// connection in important for SERP. In long future, google expects every website to be https:// complaint.
  • Analytics setup – You need to know more about the incoming traffic, the demographics and the behaviors of the users on your website. As such, SEO companies will help set up google analytics account and insert tracking codes into your website.
  • Robots.txt – This is a plain text file found at the root of your website contents. This file contents rules for the search engines. It will command the search engines on what contents they are allowed to index and what they should not index. Having bad rules can create confusion to search bots and they may avoid and not index your website at all. SEO companies will look into the command structures of Robot.txt files for enhancements.
  • Web site errors – As your website grows, you may try to tweak the contents and pages. In the process, you may rename a page, delete a page, hide a page or other activities. These can results in crawl errors. For example, when a page is no longer found, a 404 error pops up. Search engines do not like too much of these errors. SEO companies will identify these errors and other errors such as  duplicate title tags, lacking title tags, and crawlers blocked by Robots.txt. They will then take necessary actions to repair these errors.
  • Sitemap Setup – Your XML sitemap is a listing of all of the pages on  your site. This map will show the co-relation between your pages. Search engine uses sitemap as their guidance map to your website that allows them to index your website more efficiently.
  • Page Speed – With influx of technologies and its advancements, humans and machines have become faster. Your page should be optimized to load fast. Lagging sites, slow performing scripts, under performing web servers can delay a page loading. This has a negative impact of the user experience and in turn your SERP standing. As such, SEO companies will help you enhance the loading time of your web pages.
  • Meta components – Duplicate title tags, titles and meta descriptions can either enhance or reduce your SERP ratings. SEO companies will apply certain science and wisdom to assure your meta tags are search engine friendly.
  • Conversion rates – If you need your website audience to click on a button or take an action  when they are on your web page, then monitoring conversion rate is important. SEO companies will apply A:B testings to pick up the best that works for your site. The better performing approach will then be applied to your website to enhance user experience and enhance the conversion rates.

Content Analysis

During content analysis stage, SEO companies will , well, analyze your page contents. Professional SEO companies will help you enhance your contents to make it more appealing, engaging and relevant. They will help you make it more human readable at the same time, adhering to certain technical requirements. SEO companies understand that duplicate content does not help you with your SERP. As such, they will weed out duplicates and any materials that have been copied from elsewhere in the internet. Having voice search compatibility and blind read out ability should be welcome. Remember, end of the day, you will not want to fill your contents with Keywords alone. Instead, SEO companies will write for your audience and at the same time, meeting the requirements of the search bots.


Let’s continue

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