SEO Company – Search For The Best SEO Agency In 2019 ?

The internet is growing at a fast rate on yearly basis. This also means, the internet has opened up to plenty of potentials and plenty of competitions. Having a website alone is not enough to secure audience or customers in the internet. Your web pages should have been optimized for search engines? Rather is it search engine optimized (SEO)? The good news is, there are plenty of SEO companies that provide search engine optimization services. In fact, every SEO company claims to have magic formula that works. The truth is, which of these SEO companies can deliver what their promise? How good they are and how cost-effective they can be? In today’s topic of “SEO Company – Search For The Best SEO Agency In 2019“, we will try to identify the SEO company that can be accepted as the best SEO Company  in 2019 and we will also try to address other important points in our selection of  best SEO company who can also be your best SEO partner for your business.

SEO company – Search Engine Optimization

First you need to understand what is SEO or search engine optimization. If you had the chance to talk to some  SEO companies on what is SEO, you could in be for a surprise with the tons of jargons of technicality mentioned, but not to worry!

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Before we explore the SEO companies, let me explain what is SEO in simple terms. The understanding of SEO will help you better grasp the remainder of the topic easily.

So what is SEO and how does it impact? Well, there are around 1,045,534,808 websites in the internet in the year 2016 and that has grown to 1,766,926,408 in the year 2017. From the number above, you can see, huge number of websites are being added to the internet on daily basis and your website is just one of them in the internet.

There are many search engines for example, google and Bing but they almost work the same way. These search engines use a software that we call as search bots. These bots scan the internet for websites or rather website pages. Based on certain rules, if your web page fulfills the criteria, these bots will index (add) your web. Now, how does it know how to categorize your page? For example, if you are selling cakes, most of your contents will revolve around cakes. From how to bake cake to which is the tastiest cake to how much these cakes cost. So it is all around cakes. The search engine is smart enough to categorize your web page for the keyword “cake”. Simple?, the other problem is there are millions of cake pages and how does your web page show up when searched? The million dollar question!

SEO Company & The Rules Of Search Engines

There are more than 200 sets of search criteria. When your web page meets these criteria, they will be moved up the search ranks. For example, do you have unique contents or copied? If your web page spam free? Does your web page load fast? Does your web page has supporting internal and external links? And much more criteria applies.

These criteria can change when ever these search engine enhances their bots. That is why, SEO companies come into play. A Good SEO company understand these latest criteria and they have the knowledge and wisdom to make changes to your website so that it ranks higher, preferably in the first page of search result. (most of the users prefer to select results within first page of search result)

SEO Company - Search For The Best SEO Agency In 2019

Selection Criteria For The Best SEO Company

Now that you understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), let proceed to identify our SEO Company that we believe is the best SEO agency in 2019. Before that, we have to agree on what we are looking for.

In our search of the best seo company in 2019, I am looking for a company that meets the following requirements:

  1. These SEO company website itself should be shown in the first page of search result. If they cannot appear in the first page of search result for their business how can they help my website attain first page?
  2. They should be cost-effective. Some cost a bomb, some cost little. So which SEO company to choose from?
  3. Their portfolio? Who are their clients and how creative they can be?
  4. They should provide best sales and after sales support. We should have the chemistry to work with them and these SEO companies should be ready to render assistance when needed.

Broadly, these are our main search criteria…