Singapore Toto – The Winning Strategy

Singapore toto is a betting game where you are expected to pick 6 number out of the total 49 numbers. You  win the fist price that can range from a million Singapore dollars to multi million (pooled) Singapore dollars if you manage to get the six numbers in a row. Singapore toto, not only gives some hope (or dreams) to those who wants to strike rich, it can also be fun-filled experience if you managed to gamble responsibly. In today’s topic of “Singapore Toto – The Winning Strategy“, we will explore, through maths probability, how you can maximize your winning potentials through a simple strategy.

Singapore Toto – The Maths

We all know, in order to win the first in Singapore ToTo, you need to get the main 6 numbers correct. If you lucky enough to do that, Singapore pools that runs Singapore ToTo will happily announce you as the winner.  Easier said that done?

Did you know the maths behind this game? First understand, there is total of 13,983,816 permutations from 49 number. What do I mean by that? It means, there is total of 13,983,816 combinations that you can pick from. A sure way to win the first price is to buy all 13,983,816 combinations and you will strike the first prize! Well, that does not makes monetary sense to us, since each combination cost $1, buying 13,983,816 costs us $13,983,816 in order to win $1,000,000 and that leaves us $12,0000 at loss.

On the other hand, let’s imagine the toto number range is 1-30 and we are expected to pick the correct 6 from it, it means , the total combination is only 593,775 numbers. In other words, if we are to buy, all the combinations in 593,775 for a cost of $593,775, we can win the first prize! If the prize money is $1,000,000, we spend $593,775 per draw to wing 1 million, which is a approx $406,000 profit. Now you know what, we do not have a range of 30, but rather 49? To make winning harder of course!

So how can we try to play this game better? Read on…

Singapore ToTo – Break Up The Range

If you had observed, the winning number can be from 1 to 49, a combination of 6. For example, the winning number can be as follows:

  • 1,3,12,19,22,27  (low range of numbers)
  • 30,35,41,43,48  (high range of numbers)
  • 1, 18,27,41,43,49 (mixed range of numbers)

If you had observe, some winning numbers do fall within a range. For example, the first example, if the winning number is 1,3,12,19,22,27 , it means it fell 1-30 range, a total of 30 numbers.

If you take a look at the second example, the second winning number example is 30,35,41,43,48 , it fell in 30-49 range, a total of 19 numbers.

And the third example of winning number of 1, 18,27,41,43,49 , fell from 1-49 , a total of 49 numbers.

So what do we do ? If i were you, i will break the total numbers as low range, high range and mix range. Let me explain them in the following sections.

Singapore ToTo – Low Range Winning Numbers

Imagine , the winning numbers falls within the low range of number, that is from 1-30 and you have bought numbers starting from 31-49, chances are you will not win anything. Instead, if you have only picked 6 numbers from 1-30 and since the winning numbers falls within these 30 numbers, you chances of winning the first prize is within 593,775 choices instead of 13,983,816! You have enhanced your chance of winning dramatically. On the other hand, if I have millions to spare, and I spend $593,775 to buy all possible 593,775 combinations, AND IF the winning number falls within 1-30, I will walk home with at least $400,000 richer.

Singapore ToTo – High Range Winning Numbers

Likewise, we if we break the slip into high number range, it can fall from 30-49, a total of 19 numbers. So what is the probability of picking the correct 6 numbers from 30-49 range? It is 1 in 38,760 combinations. In other words, if i dare spent $38,760 buying all the combinations that falls within 30-49 AND IF i am lucky, the winning numbers fall within 30-49 , i will get a million dollars for spending just $38,760! I win big!!!

Singapore ToTo – Understanding Probability

First let’s understand the followings.

    • To get correct 6 numbers from a range of 49 (1-49), our chance of winning is one in 13,983,816
    • To get the correct 6 numbers from a winning range of 30 (1-30), our chance of winning is one in 593,775
    • To get the correct 6 numbers from a winning range of 19 (30-49), our chance of winning is one in only 38,760 combinations

Look at the numbers gain to better understand how the possibility increases when we reduce the range of numbers we bet on.

Singapore Toto - The Winning Strategy

Singapore ToTo – How I Bet My $50 ?

Image i have $50 to spare and I am ready to buy some toto numbers. What is the strategy I can deploy? Clearly from the above examples, i can see the probability of winning increases when the range is smaller. So, I will break number the number range that I buy. What do I mean by that?

I will spend $20 buying 20 rows of numbers on the lower range of of numbers. That is, I may consider 20 rows of 6 numbers within the range of 1-30

I may consider spending the next $15 buying 15 rows of numbers on the higher range. That is 15 rows of 6 numbers within the range of 30-49

And finally, I may consider spending the next $15 buying 15 rows of numbers that falls in anything between 1-49

Effectively, I deployed a low range number, high range number and mix number buying strategy. If the winning numbers falls within 1 to 30, I have increased my odds. If the winning numbers falls within 30-49, I have increased my chances and if the winning number falls within 1-49, the chances no change to a Singapore ToTo winning chance. So i do cover all three range to increase my odds of winning the ToTo.

Singapore ToTo – Conclusion

Yes, winning the Singapore ToTo needs plenty of luck. Even if you buy your lucky numbers based on a range, you must be lucky that the winning numbers falls within the range. Still, I find this strategy reasonable better as compared to buying numbers from 1-49 (unless the opening number is from 1-49 range!)

If we combine a little maths, buying Singapore toto becomes more exciting and fun. If this playing strategy work for you and if you win some money, I do not mind you buying me a coffee .. 🙂

So what is your strategy? Do you just buy any number or like myself, you pick numbers within a particular range? Care to share your views?

Singapore ToTo – Disclaimer

In this article, i am not advocating you to gamble or not to gamble, the choice is entirely yours. If you have to gamble, be responsible with what you spend. Only gamble the amount that you are ready to lose.

Nor am i saying, maths alone can beat Singapore ToTo. You still need lady luck on your side.

On the other hand, this article is for self educational purpose only. Maths lovers, especially,  who love permutations and probability will get what i mean.

Here’s wishing you every LUCK in winning the Singapore ToTo.