sn write tool – Repair IMEI for non root phones

Did you factory reset your phone recently only to realize you cannot make and receive calls? Or did you install a new rom and the call features stopped working? Probably even your phone data will not work at this point of time?  Corrupted IMEI or non setting can be the cause of this problem. The good news is , you can use sn write tool to solve this problem. In today’s article of “sn write tool – Repair IMEI for non root phones”, we will explore how you can set your IMEI number and get your phone to make and receive calls and messages again.

Before Using  sn write tool

Before using sn write tool, please take note, this is a powerful tool that can change the system settings in your phone. The author of this article of do not take any responsibility said or implied in any manner. You are executing the below mentioned steps at your own discretion. Now that, the disclaimer has been mentioned, proceed with the article if you agree….

sn write tool – Get your IMEI number ready

Since we are going to write back your IMEI number back into your phone, obviously you need your IMEI number. Where can you get your IMEI number? If you have access to playstore in your phone, there are various IMEI reader apps. Install one of these IMEI reader apps and write down without mistake your IMEI number on a piece of paper. If you do not have access playstore, you can also find IMEI number on the back of your phone, or below your battery of your phone. Still did not find it? One last chance.. get the box that your phone came in. Usualy these phone boxes can have IMEI information on them too. When you have got your IMEI number, we can proceed.

Prepare working folder for Sn Write Tool

Since we need to download some files, it will be good if we have a working folder on the desktop. As such, create a folder called IMEI on your system desktop. Within this folder, create three other folders called, DRIVERS, VCOM, ROM and Sn_write_tool. With working folders all set, let;s download needed software for our task.

Download these software or files

We will need the original ROM file for this task. Visit your phone manufacturer to down load and extract the ROM file into the ROM folder that you created in the above step. In my case, I am using Infinix phone, as such, either i can download from the official site or download the official rom from this site.

Now that we have downloaded and extracted the ROM, you need to download your phone’s USB drivers. Download these files into the DRIVERS folder you have created earlier.

With phone’s USB drivers downloaded, now we need to download VCOM drivers. VCOM drivers are legacy shitty drivers that we need to use. In my case, I downloaded my vcom drivers from this site or from this site. Save and extract the files into the VCOM folder you have created.

Now we need the most important file, the SN Write Tool itself. You can download the latest sn write tool from here. In my case, i am using Sn write tool version v5.1904. Extract the sn write tool files into the Sn_write_tool folder that you created earlier on your desktop.

Install The Downloaded USB Driver And VCOM files

Chances are, you will need to install your phone’s USB driver and VCOM drivers . Go to the respective download folder, RIGHT CLICK on the installation exe file and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR permission rights.

When you have installed installed your phone’s usb drivers and VCOM drivers, reboot your system once.

SN Write Tool Configuration (Basic)

Resetting IMEI using SN Write Tool

Go to Sn Write Tool folder. Right click on the file called “SN Writer.exe” and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

This will launch the sn write tool up. On the sn write tool interface, select com port as USB VCOM and target type as SMART PHONE (or to your choice)

Sn write tool 1

SN Write Tool Configuration (Advance)

On the Sn Write Tool interface, click on System Config. Under write option, select IMEI.

Under IMEI Option, select IMEI Checksum and DUAL IMEI (if your phone comes with dual Sim)

On the MDI_DB file location, go to the folder you have downloaded the official ROM. Select the file. Usually this file WILL NOT START with APDB***, instead it can have a long file name like “BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6735_S00_MOLY_LR9_W1444_MD_LWTG_MP_V181_P2_1_lwg_n”

On the AP_DB file location, go back to the location where you have downloded your official ROM. Select the file that starts with APDB***

Finally, click on the SAVE Button

Sn write tool 2

SN Write Tool Start

By now you are back in the main interface of SN write Tool.

Turn off your phone, plug it to the USB port of your system.

Click on START . A pop up box will appear, requesting your IMEI number input. Go ahead and enter your IMEI number without any errors and click OK

Writing to your phone will now begin. Please wait for the process to complete and do not pull out the cable until the process completes.

Once it has successfully written, you will see a success “PASS” prompt in green.

Congratulations! You have successfully written your IMEI number to your phone!

Sn write tool IMEI
SN Write tool success

Whats Next After Writing IMEI?

After successfully writing your IMEI using the sn write tool, please reboot your phone. You will now realize your phone is able to send and receive calls again. In some cases, your SMS will not work. You will need to set your SMS gateway phone number of the android SMS app. You can always get the SMS gateway phone number from your telco provider.

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Thank you 🙂