Sp Flash Tool – Infinix – Install Rom – Tested Working

Sp Flash Tool has been widely installed by many phone companies or phone tweakers to install official ROMs and customized ROMs. As much it sounds like a easy tool, it comes with a set of little challenges. For example, it may not work well in Windows 8 or latter. In today’s topic of “Sp Flash Tool – Infinix – Install Rom – Tested Working”, we shall explore how we can use this tool to make is compatible with Windows 8.1 and install a ROM of our choice. From here on, the article is written for Infnix phone. If you are using some other brand of phone, do read through about our article on sp flash tool for there could be some similar steps that is applicable in your phone.

sp flash tool – Step 1: Prepare

Since we will be downloading sp flash tool and other files, I encourage you to create a new folder in your desktop. Probably you may want to call it “PhoneTools”. We will be downloading sp flash tool or others into this folder on your desktop. For the rest of this article, we will be using this folder.

Step 2: Download The Latest sp flash tool

Create a folder called “SPFLASH” within the folder that you have created in the desktop. Now  we need to download  the latest SP flash tool. In fact, downloading sp flash tool is one of the easier step. Visit https://spflashtools.com/ , this page is grouped by OS. Down load the latest SP flash tool of your choice. For the sake of this article, I will be using sp flash tool version 1.1828.00 . So, remember, download the lastest sp flash tool to the folder you have created on your desktop.

Sp Flash Tool – Step 3: Download Supporting Drivers

Create a folder called DRIVERS within the folder you have created in your desktop. Now, visit your phone’s official page to download the latest USB drivers for your system. Once you have done that, for Infinix phones and others, you will need VCOM and CDC drivers. The problem is, most of these drivers are outdated, Windows 8.1 and onwards do not accept these unsigned drivers. So, alternatively, download MauiMETA_exe_3G_v8.1516.0 driver. You can download MauiMETA driver from this primary link or this secondary link. Download all these drivers to the DRIVERS folder.

Once you have completed downloading, if it comes in Zip format, extract the files. After extraction (if needed), RIGHT CLICK on the driver installation exe file, select “Run as administrator” to begin installation of these drivers.

Step 4: Download Phone Roms

Create a folder called ROM within the folder you have created on your desktop. Visit your phone official page, download the latest phone rom into this folder. For  the sake of this article, I will be downloading the latest rom for my Infinix phone and save it to the ROM folder.

Most phone ROMs comes compressed in ZIP format. Go ahead and extract the ROM files in to the ROM folder itself.

Step 5: Rom Installation Using Sp Flash Tool

Sp flash tool

Go to the folder folder where you have extracted sp flash tool. RIGHT CLICK and run as administrator on the file flash_tool.exe This will now launch the program.

On the download Agent file location: select the “MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin” which is found within the Sp Flash Tool Folder.

On the scatter loading file location: select the scatter.txt files found in the ROM folder.

Authentification File: Leave it empty

Loading type: select Format All + Download

Wait for the scatter file loading process to complete.

Turn OFF your phone and wait 10 seconds.

Plug your phone to the USB port , the process will kick in automatically.

Wait for the process to complete.

You are done.

Sp Flash Tool – Conclusion

Using Sp Flash tool can over write your files in your phone. It is always advisable to back up your phone data in its entire before you start using Sp flash tool. In many cases, installing ROMs on your own or installing custom roms may void your phone warranty. The author or unitedfreeworld.com does not accept responsibilities to any outcome arising from using this tool or following any of the steps mentioned in this article.