Webdesign Singapore – Before You Start, What You Need To Know First?

Probably you are an existing or a new business in Singapore who aspire to have that killer website that sells. You are not alone. Every one of us love to have a website that entice and sell our products or services to our potential clients. As much, it sounds easier said, it can be real challenge in Singapore since almost every one is walking around with a smart phone and internet savvy. We believe, every business environment is different. You need to understand and adapt to the changes in these environment to be successful in your business. Likewise, Webdesign Singapore or Webdesigning in Singapore needs some tweaking and considerations to be successful. In today’s topic of “Webdesign Singapore – Before You Start, What You Need To Know First?“, we will explore what you need to know, what you need to do and don’t in order to have a successful website in Singapore.

Webdesign Singapore – Know Your Customer

Before you build your Webdesign in Singapore, you need to have a proper framework and strategy to attain success. Well, the big question is “Do you build you Webdesign around your products and services or build your Webdesign around your potential clients and customers”?

If you attempt to “push” your products down the throats of your customers online, it does not work as effectively as “solving” your online customer’s concerns with your solutions. That is why, it becomes more important to understand your online customers better than before.

Do some homework about your potential online clients. Who are they? what language are they proficient in? What do they use to surf the internet? What kind of social media platforms do your clients in Singapore widely use? What is the age group of your online clients in Singapore?

Surely, there are many other questions that can run through you by now. Write all your questions down. Thinker deeper and harder, what else does your online clients in Singapore needs and what can be done more?

Webdesign Singapore – Tweak For Your Clients

Depending on the sets of questions raised in the earlier section, website design considerations differs compared to other countries. Hey, after all, every customer is different and every geographic location can influence on the type of potential online customers you receive.

For example, if you are in apparel business, surely, you want your website design to be hippy and vibrant with colors. You will not want your website design to look “over professional”.

If your customers are from the age group of 40 to 50, chances are they are a matured online crowd. That also means, your Webdesign should not be over hippy or over aged. Since you are targeting the matured crowd, it should be a blend of subtle colors and fonts. Talking about fonts, for matured crowd, part of your website considerations should be the type and size of fonts used. It is understood, your matured online customers from Singapore may prefer slightly bigger fonts, so that it is less painful in their eyes when they read from your website. Also, try not to overly use Green color for green is the color where plenty of us have problem seeing it. Try to use darker blend of font colors for added readability.

Even though almost all Singaporeans can read and write in English, keep the language simple and straight forward. Avoid using bombastic choices of words. You should also consider translating your pages to various other languages used such as Chinese simplified, Malay and Tamil. Giving such language option gives a personalized feel and it allows your website to differentiate from your competition.

Since most of your online customers in Singapore walk around with a smart phone, Webdesign Singapore or Webdesigning in Singapore, needs to be mobile friendly. One step further, choose mobile adaptive design as compared to the old mobile fluid designs,

Finally, you should also consider integrating widely used social media platform into you website. For example, if it is Facebook, then your website should have the ability to auto publish to Facebook whenever you add a new post or a product. You can also integrate Facebook messaging, that can act as a HelpDesk communication gateway for your customers to reach you.

Always, keep ahead of your competition. Look out for the changing trends in Singapore. It seems more people are adapting WeChat and this can be a sign that your website may need WeChat integration real soon.

Webdesign Singapore or when Webdesigning in Singapore, always build your website in Singapore around your customers’ needs and expectations.

Webdesign Singapore – What Is Your USP?

Why should your online customers from Singapore buy from you and not your competitor? What is that you are offering that your competition cannot offer?

If you are giving 20% discount, that is not Uniqueness, unless you are offering 80% discount.

If you are allowing home delivery, that is not unique unless you wrap the product well before you deliver.

If you are providing good after sales support, then it is not unique, unless you have been providing excellent customer experience from the start.

So what is uniqueness? It can be a product that is hard to get. It can be product or services that your competitors cannot imitate. So what is your uniqueness?

Build your uniqueness into your website design. Webdesign Singapore or Webdesigning in Singapore, your web site should proudly show case your Unique Selling Proposition to your online customers in Singapore.

Webdesign Singapore – What Do Want To You Deliver?

So what is the product or service that you want to sell online. With integrity, how can you price it better online? how can you promote it better on-line (CTA, Video, banner, Newsletter)?

If you are selling a product, visual presentation is very important. Ensure you have great graphics, catchy slogan, demonstration video and helpful user guide. Webdesign Singapore or when Webdesigning in Singapore, when these combinations are done in proper manner, it will not only influence your online customers from Singapore to make a purchase, it actually educate them more, giving them much better user experience!

Webdesign Singapore - Before You Start, What You Need To Know First?

Webdesign Singapore – Selecting Webdesign Company In Singapore

Searching for  Webdesign company in Singapore, brings out tons of results. Each company, seems to have impressive range of portfolios. Almost every one of them claim to excel in Webdesign. Webdesign Singapore or when Webdesigning in Singapore, who do you engage for your Webdesign project?

Take a look at the corporate website of these Webdesign companies in Singapore. Do you like what you see ? If you do not, move to the next. Pick three best looking Webdesign agency websites, or rather, sites that resonates with your feelings.

Schedule and appointment. Share with them what are your visions and what are your expectations. Watch out for pushy designers who wants you to sign on the contract paper. Instead, look for a designer who seems composed, experienced, creative and most importantly he is willing to share his ideas and experiences, someone whom you can communicate. A Webdesigner with chemistry is very important,  for you need to interact with this person throughout the progress of your project and beyond. You will never like pushy, rude or attitude filled Webdesigner to begin with.

After each discussion, ask these website design companies to sent you a quote. Take a look at the quotes you received,how are they priced? What are they willing to offer? What is their warranty period and after sales like? Which is within your budget? Pick the one who delivers, had chemistry with and within your budget.

Webdesign Singapore – Freelance Webdesigners In Singapore

For your Webdesign in Singapore, you have another option. You can also consider engaging a freelance Webdesigner in Singapore. If you search the website proper, you will find many quality freelance website designers who can get the job done for the fraction of the cost.

Broadly, we feel a freelance website designer may not be as professional as a website design agency. There is some truth in it and also there are some credits which these freelance website designers in Singapore deserve.

For example, if you engage a Webdesign agency, you are one of their customer. Probably, they already have some other bigger customer to attend to. Now, how much value does your business bring to them? Not much. So what happens? Since you are not a big or important customer to these website design agencies, the amount of time they are ready to spend on you will be reduced.

On the other hand, you could be one of the very few customer a freelance designer is working on. He/she now has more time to look into your requests and concerns. Chances are, if the freelance Webdesigner is serious about his business, he will go extra miles to serve you, get into your good books and hopefully receive some future recommended customers too.

In terms of quality, yes a Webdesign agency has more man power and over heads. So his price can be higher too. On the other hand, I have seen novice freelance website designer and i have seen a professional website designer too. As such, do your research. Webdesign Singapore or when Webdesigning in Singapore, engage a quality freelance Webdesigner if you are low on budget.

Webdesign Singapore – Growing Your Business

In Singapore or any part of the world, having a website is just the beginning. You need to ensure your contents are fresh and updated. You will need to have proper maintenance so that your web site gives you peak performance and user experience.

Spend time enhancing your delivery,optimize for search engines (SEO) and most importantly, never lose touch with your customers. A great Webdesign in Singapore can go a long way, what is more important is your ability to give the best user experience to those who have landed on your website.

Webdesign Singapore – Conclusion

In today’s topic of “Webdesign Singapore – Before You Start, What You Need To Know First?” , we have discussed some of the important factors that can influence your choice of website designs and Webdesigners for your business. I am sure, you could have thought more that what is written here. Care to share your views and experiences with us?